Nicolas Cage & his crazy purchases.

Over the last couple years, I have noticed an uptick in films starring Nicolas Cage that have made their way onto Netflix. A lot of these seem to be of the direct to video variety. Why does he keep taking on these shitty roles? Can he say no to a script? It’s probably because he needs money to maintain his ridiculous lifestyle. When you go back and look at all the stupid unnecessary shit Nicolas Cage has acquired over the years you can see where he might have trouble maintaining it. At one time, he also owed uncle Sam over 13 million in back taxes. Below is a list of SOME of his purchases over the years. (source)

A 67 million year old dinosaur skull.
Two albino king cobras
An Island
The Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini
4 Yachts
A famous haunted house
Shrunken Pymgy heads
A pyramid tombstone
The first Superman comic
A crocodile
A shark
An octopus
A private jet
15 Estate homes
2 European castles

We all like to self indulge a little bit, but fifteen estate homes?! How often could he possibly be at five of them let alone fifteen? Besides why have estate homes when you have two frigin castles & your own island? You have a damn private jet that could probably take you to those.

With everything he has amassed, I wonder if he was attempting to build his own rendition of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Children can learn about dinosaurs from the giant skull he bought. He has crocodiles and sharks for the kids to see & comic books for them to read! When is the Ferris Wheel arriving Nic?

Why four yachts? Does he think he’s a Basketball player  or does he feel the need to have one for every damn ocean. (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian & Arctic)  Oh, wait. According to Google, most countries now consider the (Southern) Antarctic as the fifth ocean. He better run out and buy another one fast.



Then we have the pyramid tombstone in New Orleans. This thing is ugly. It’s located steps away from Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Why the hell would he want to be buried hear? Many theories exist. However, they are all to ridiculous to repeat.

A lot of celebrities spend millions on ridiculous things. However, I have yet to see one that spends more than Nicolas Cage.

-Adam Mallett

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