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Explorers nearly lose faces to flesh eating parasite while exploring cursed City of the Monkey God.

They call this abandoned Honduran city cursed for a reason right? So, should we be alarmed that a team of explorers nearly had their faces eaten away by a parasite?

The City of the Monkey God was abandoned in the 16th century fearing that it had been cursed with disease. I know we are talking 500 years later, but don’t you think more precautions should have been taken to ensure everything goes ok? Did they think people left for no apparent reason? After reading what this thing does,  I wouldn’t go with anything less than a hazmat suit. This infection of Leishmaniasis is contracted by sand fly bites.

“The parasite migrates to the mucous membranes of your mouth and your nose and basically eats them away,” Doug Preston, an author who documented the trip, said. “Your nose falls off, your lips fall off, and eventually your face becomes a gigantic, open sore.”  (Source)


What will the Monkey god do then?!

Um, excuse me. Why the hell have I never heard of this!? I wouldn’t wish this kind of infection on my worst enemy. That’s some scary horror movie shit. It has obviously been living in this area for a very long time. What if the damn thing mutates & decides to migrate?  I don’t care what kind of precious artifacts you hope to find. In the interest of safety, I say bomb the hell out of this place. Make it rain napalm like it’s Vietnam.

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-Adam Mallett

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