Mom furious after bag of ‘alphabet’ potato shapes did not contain the correct letters to spell her kid’s name.

A 30 year old mother was angry that her bag of potato letters didn't contain the letters to spell out the name of her son, Logan. So like any "sane" parent she decides to voice her complaint to the company. (Tesco)

It must have been a light news day for this to make it in. She wrote: ‘My son is 4 and learning his letters, I wanted to spell his name (Logan) to my shock there wasn’t any Ls or O’s but a lot of the repeated letters. In the end I improvsed by using and I as a L a C as a O so spelled “icgan” which obviously wasn’t his name.. he notiched this straight away and I had to explain why. Very disappointed.’  I’m assuming she is single. If not, I feel bad for the poor guy that is probably tortured on a daily basis from being with her. It really paints a picture of what is going on in this women’s head when she refers to this incident as “to my shock”.


She just had to take the photo for dramatic effect didn’t she?  Common, everyone feel bad for ICGAN.

Someone should tell her that food isn’t the only way you can practice your letters. In fact, you shouldn’t be teaching your kid to play with food at all. Shame on you! Get some blocks! If you were really hell bent on using food though, you could have just improvised by cutting off parts of an ‘E’ or ‘T’ to make the ‘L’ & cutting off parts of the ‘Q’ to make the damn ‘O’. Seriously, this isn’t rocket science. Apparently, that must sound like astrophysics to her though.

I hope this child isn’t too traumatized by the ordeal. After all, she had to actually explain to him that the bag just didn’t contain the appropriate letters. That’s a daunting and devastating task that I’m sure will scar him for life.  (source)

-Adam Mallett

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