I’ll have the Sea Man Soup please

Florida Man Allegedly Pours Cup Of Semen On Panera Customer - Tallahassee FL


Source: Huffington Post

I'll have the soup please, the sea man soup, hot and foamy and all over my head please. This is the following article from the Huffington Post:

“Police said on Sept. 12, Bruce allegedly entered the restaurant and stared at two women who were dining and doing homework.He then moved to a table close to the women while continuing to stare at them, the Tallahassee Democrat reports.The women told police they saw Bruce leave the restaurant and return with a foam fountain drink cup.Bruce then allegedly went into the Panera bathroom. When he came out, he allegedly poured the contents of the cup on one of the women, saying “Here you go,” according to WPEC-TV.The woman screamed when she realized the liquid substance in the cup wasn’t soda, police said.The victims told police Bruce apologized before driving away. Panera employees told police that Bruce dropped his cellphone at the restaurant.When they looked through it, they say they found a video of the suspect masturbating into a cup matching the one he held during the alleged incident, according to WTXL.”

I have never got a hot cup of man milk thrown on me before, but I have had a giant bird poop on me and i can imagine the feeling was the same. Was this the guys pick up line? Creepily stare at them then throw his baby juice on them. Perhaps this is the Floridan mating call. The silver lining of all this is at least his batter was fresh and wasn’t sitting an a hot Florida car. One thing is for sure these ladies will never order the cream and broccoli soup at Panera.

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