Music Monday – Billy Joel – 52nd Street


Album: 52nd Street

Artist: Billy Joel

Year: 1978

Side A
– Big Shot, Honesty, My Life, Zanzibar

Side B – Stiletto, Rosalinda’s Eyes, Half A Mile Away, Until the Night, 52nd Street


What an album. So I found this record store down the street from my house and got this gem. I have never listen to this whole album before but recognized several of the song on here, My Life, Big Shot ect. The greatest part about this album is that it tells a story of Joel’s life in New York. The songs on the album are very specific with details. It’s a very Springsteen like album, but about New York instead of Jersey. Great to listen to from A to B. Worth the $3 i spent at the record store.

Favorite Song: My Life

Overall Review: 4 out of 5

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