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Nothing disappoints me more than wanting to check a place out and then when you finally do, sadness is everywhere. This is what happen when I checked this place out yesterday. I had been coming down to this area for the last few months and always walked by this joint. I am a sucker for a hamburger so finally yesterday I figured lets do this. I got there at lunch time so there was a steady flow of people. The menu is pretty simple so its not hard to figure out what to get.

I order the bacon cheeseburger and asked for Swiss on it instead of American. You can get either a single or a double, so I got a single. The difference is about $1. I order a beer and fries as well. They had a pretty good selection of beers to pick from. I was a little disappointed though I was paying $7 plus dollars for a single burger and it didn’t come with fries. It didn’t take to long to get the food, so once I got it, i got some napkins, ketchup and hot sauce. Well they only have ketchup mustard and mayo available, you have to ask for hot sauce, no big deal.

I got back to my seat and was ready to eat. I pulled the top bun off first and good thing I did because there was a special sauce they use on my burger. No where on the menu for the bacon cheese burger does it say anything about the sauce. I am not a burger Diva, but i hate that stuff, so I took the bun off and ate the bottom part of the sandwich. The burger was flat, small, over cooked. It looked more like a Wendy’s burger than anything else and those coast me $1.25. I was expected a think patty, but nothing like that at all.

The Fries were good so I ate most of those and finished my beer. For about $19 for a beer, single burger and fries, I wasn’t too happy at all. I could of went to the sit down place down the road and got the same with tip. If you are going to serve a burger like that, you should at least be honest with the price. Also they need to do something about the music in there. It was like I was at JC Pennys shopping for school clothes with my mom. Not exciting at all, almost put me to sleep.

After doing more research, this was not a mom and pop burger joint with a few locations, it was in fact a franchise which popped up in the last few years when the burger crazy started to go nuts. Its like a craft brew place popping up just because its a fad. The more I try to find small unique burger places and other types of food, the harder it is. I can’t blamed this place for selling over priced hamburgers, it is what it is. All I can do is review it, let the people know and not go back.

Overall Review: 1 out of 5

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