Man Waits 10 Days in Airport for Internet Girlfriend to Show Up.

I'm not quite sure what this falls under. Is it sad? Is it pathetic? Is it obsession? Maybe it's love? I have no idea.

No matter which category you wish to slide this into, it definitely slots into the extreme version of it.

Alexander Cirk flew from his homeland in Holland to China. He was expecting to meet a woman who he had been in an online relationship with for only two months. When she didn’t show, rather than just tucking his tail between his legs and booking a flight back home, he sat in the airport for 10 days waiting. He would have waited longer. However, he needed to be taken to the hospital for physical exhaustion!

With the Chinese government not giving a damn about its people and talked about as major human rights offenders, I’m surprised they treated this man at all! Then again, this was an airport. The Chinese government wouldn’t want people realizing that the country is a shit hole immediately after they land and set foot into the airport.  Business men and foreigners with money could pass by and see that shit. It looks bad. So I suppose carting him off for treatment then booting him back home is a better option.

So what happened to the girlfriend? She claims they discussed waiting a year until meeting. He apparently sent her photos of his plane ticket and she thought he was joking.

Ok, if someone sends you photos of their plane ticket & tells you they are coming, why the hell would you think they are joking? Sounds like a bit of an effort to create fake plane tickets for the sake of a joke. I’m willing to bet she knew. Then, she freaked out about it and flaked on him. She claims she still wants to meet him someday. If that’s the case, she better be going to him! (source)

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-Adam Mallett

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