Tim Tebow to the M E T S – Mets Mets Mets


Well it is official, Tim Tebow has sign a minor league deal with the New York Mets. 20 teams showed up to the showcase Tebow had put on last week and out of the 20 teams, the Mets were willing to give him a shot. Whats the worse that happens really? The Mets gave him a 100K signing bonus and if he sucks then they have wasted more money on napkins at Citi Field then on Timmy T. To begin the ball rolling, Tebow was sent down to Port St. Lucie to part take in the instructional league. You know, I hope he makes it to the AA or AAA and hold your breath but even up to Queens. It isn’t like he never played baseball before, he was all state in high school, and remember Tom Brady was drafted by the Expos out of high school as a catcher, so a lot of these football guys are multi sports master minds. So for all those people out there shitting on this guy, why don’t you go out there and try to hit a 90 MPH curve ball you chubby banana heads. One this is for sure though, Timmy T only plays on teams where their colors are Blue and Orange, just like Manning of the Peyton variety only plays on teams that are horses, other than the Volunteers, BUT they could of been volunteer horses right? I know 1 thing, when Timmy makes it to Queens, I’ll be there wearing my Tebow Jersey because I know supporting him will pave the way to heaven and make up for how much of a shithead I have been my last 32 years, and those who know me know I am a real dick and need all the help to heaven I can fine. So lets go Tebow, hit a home run buddy!

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