Car Rolls Into River As Teen Bails Out To Avoid Spider.

The world is full of hazards when we drive. You always need to pay attention. One minute your cruising and listening to your favorite tunes, the next you could lose control of the vehicle because of a spider that jumped out of your visor. That’s some scary shit.

When I first read this I thought “Oh, common! I hate spiders too, but losing my car in a river over it, that seems like a stretch.” Then I realized this happened in Australia!  Some spiders in Australia make spiders in America look like fleas.

Furthermore, the spider that fell out of her visor was a Huntsman spider. While not lethal to humans, it sure as hell doesn’t look it! This thing looks like something I would see in a nightmare. I couldn’t kill that thing with a magazine or newspaper. I need a giant thick novel or phone book to smash it with. Or better yet, get me a gun please.(Source)


Could you maintain control of your car if this jumped into you lap? I don’t think so!!

While I want to totally blast this teen driver, I can’t. Just look at this thing! No word if she killed it. I certainly hope so. Otherwise, its spider 1 & car 0.

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-Adam Mallett

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