Packie Fantasy Football League – Week 1 Match Ups and the Draft


The Packie Fantasy Football League

Well this is the 2nd year of the Packie Fantasy Football League, bringing together old friends and family ranging from coast to coast. With a $30 buy in to spice things up, the league may get a little wild. We have the same line up of teams as last year except with the addition of the Packie First Lady, Suzi, who is taking over a vacant space. Well all remember Arch Dingo, aka Joey P, take it all last year.

Last years Final Results

1 Arch Dingo Joseph P 9-4 1456.9 1194.3 112.1 91.9 +20.2
2 Green Rivers Killers Joe C 10-3 1497.8 1240.6 115.2 95.4 +19.8
3 My Nickanme In Highschool Packie Pres 6-7 1386 1359.8 106.6 104.6 +2
4 Juan Fernandez Fire-crowns Joseph M 7-6 1312.3 1216.4 100.9 93.6 +7.4
5 Team Chadwell Jake C 9-4 1460.2 1302.2 112.3 100.2 +12.2
6 Team Hammer Slammers Adam M 9-4 1430.3 1257.8 110.0 96.8 +13.3
7 Team Padolsky Erika P 6-7 1362.3 1459.8 104.8 112.3 -7.5
8 Team B.Rock * Brittney L 4-9 1264.1 1399.2 97.2 107.6 -10.4
9 it’s Brittany Bitch Brittany H 3-10 1060.7 1315.2 81.6 101.2 -19.6
10 Team monaco matthew m 5-8 1159.3 1357.6 89.2 104.4 -15.3
11 Team Donnelly Jay D 5-8 1251 1425.9 96.2 109.7 -13.5
12 Team Rudolph Matt R 5-8 1151.6 1263.7 88.6 97.2

*Left after 2015 Season

We conducted out 2016 draft on Monday night (8/29) and those can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Week 1 Match ups

Game 1: My Nickname in High School (6-7) vs Team Padolsky (6-7)

This is a battle between my old friend Joey P’s wife and myself . We both finishes with the same records last year, but the Packie Pres got hot in the playoffs and I ended up finishing 3rd overall. Big Ben vs Cam Newton, two hot QB’s from the year before. This will be a good test on how the rest of the season will go. Last year I was told to take a dive not to upset the pregnant woman, I guess I like making pregno chicks mad.

Game 2: Team Rudolph (5-8) vs Arch Dingo (9-4)

This is a match up between last place and first place of the 2015 season. Rudolph got screwed with a shitty Payton last year and this year Arch Dingo decided he is going to draft my bf Tommy Brady. Until Tommy can come back week 5, Dingo is stuck with Stafford while Rudy has Russel Wilson. This is a tight league last year where the first and second place team was only separated by 4 games. A lot of tie breakers went into effect last year and this could be another year where that is true. If team Rudy losses again this year, stocks in Jameson go up. If Arch Dingo looses, he might sue you.

Game 3: Team Monaco (5-8) vs Supersonic Swifty Sloths (7-8)

The battle of the Monaco brothers. Last years team name, Juan Fernandez Fire-crowns, now the Supersonic Swifty Sloths, ended up finishing in 4th place last year. Monaco, the younger brother finish 10th. a difference of 2 wins was the difference of 4th and 10th in 2015. Monaco got a nice reliable QB this year with Luck, but the SSS decided they were going to be a hero and draft the back up to Dallas. I might as well be the back up to Dallas. unless you live in Dallas, you probably didn’t see anyone draft Prescott in your draft and if you did then a special man you are. Joey or SSS is always down for some bold moves, like the time he accused pineapple of being lazy (which soon after, Matty, Team Monaco, ate the pineapple)

Game 4: Team Chadwell (9-4) vs It’s Brittany Bitch (3-10)

Well when a cop plays a girl who didn’t even know she drafted a team, things get interested. Last year It’s Brittany Bitch ended up with a 3-10 record but then ended up getting 9th after the playoffs. This bridezilla decided she was going to go halfies with her husband to be, perhaps she should of told him about the draft. I only sent up 50 text messages. Despite her not knowing what they hell was going on, she did grab Bortles and a half decent team. Chadwell got himself Eli. Yuck a giants player, rather route for Axis powers during Saving Private Ryan. Unlike last year, Brittany bitch can’t use the pregno girl excuses. Chadwell might just PC you if he looses.

Game 5: Team Polk High (5-8) vs Green River Killers (10-3)

Team Polk High was Team Donelly last year and avoided the basement at 11th place. 2nd pick overall this year, perhaps a better record will be in Al Bundy’s future. Green River Killers, who no longer has Phil Rivers, for the 2nd year in a row, had the first pick. Last year he went Gronk first, this year he goes Brown. Now Green River Killers did finish with the best record last year, but lost in the Superbowl. Maybe he was thrown off by the timezone change, being in the west coast. Polk High got Rogers this year and Green River got Palmer, lets see how this season goes.

Game 6: Hammer Slammers (9-4) vs Team Tesneary (0-0)

Well Adam big PeePee Mallet, old third mic of the Arty & Eric Radio Show and the Hammer Slammers went 9-4 last year, making the playoffs but were asked to leave after the 1st round. Team Tesneary, aka First Lady of the Packie, is making her League debut this year. With a strong first pick of Gronk and her boy Drew Brees as QB, she may be able to put up a fight this year. Unlike Brittany, The First Lady actually picked her team, on her 30th birthday no less. Can the first lady take down the Pres and his crew? We will find out

2016 Draft Results by Round

Round 1
1. Green Rivers Killers Antonio Brown
WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Team Polk High Odell Beckham Jr.
WR, New York Giants
3. My Nickanme In Highschool Adrian Peterson
RB, Minnesota Vikings
4. Team Rudolph Julio Jones
WR, Atlanta Falcons
5. Team monaco Todd Gurley
RB, Los Angeles Rams
6. Team Padolsky Cam Newton
QB, Carolina Panthers
7. Team Tesneary Rob Gronkowski
TE, New England Patriots
8. Arch Dingo DeAndre Hopkins
WR, Houston Texans
9. Supersonic Swifty Sloths David Johnson
RB, Arizona Cardinals
10. Team Chadwell Devonta Freeman
RB, Atlanta Falcons
11. Team Hammer Slammers A.J. Green
WR, Cincinnati Bengals
12. it’s Brittany Bitch Ezekiel Elliott
RB, Dallas Cowboys
Round 2
13. it’s Brittany Bitch Le’Veon Bell
RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
14. Team Hammer Slammers Allen Robinson
WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
15. Team Chadwell Eddie Lacy
RB, Green Bay Packers
16. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Lamar Miller
RB, Houston Texans
17. Arch Dingo Dez Bryant
WR, Dallas Cowboys
18. Team Tesneary Jordy Nelson
WR, Green Bay Packers
19. Team Padolsky Julian Edelman
WR, New England Patriots
20. Team monaco Alshon Jeffery
WR, Chicago Bears
21. Team Rudolph LeSean McCoy
RB, Buffalo Bills
22. My Nickanme In Highschool Brandon Marshall
WR, New York Jets
23. Team Polk High Mark Ingram
RB, New Orleans Saints
24. Green Rivers Killers Doug Martin
RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Round 3
25. Green Rivers Killers Jamaal Charles
RB, Kansas City Chiefs
26. Team Polk High Aaron Rodgers
QB, Green Bay Packers
27. My Nickanme In Highschool Brandin Cooks
WR, New Orleans Saints
28. Team Rudolph Mike Evans
WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29. Team monaco Andrew Luck
QB, Indianapolis Colts
30. Team Padolsky Latavius Murray
RB, Oakland Raiders
31. Team Tesneary Drew Brees
QB, New Orleans Saints
32. Arch Dingo Tom Brady
QB, New England Patriots
33. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Keenan Allen
WR, San Diego Chargers
34. Team Chadwell Sammy Watkins
WR, Buffalo Bills
35. Team Hammer Slammers Amari Cooper
WR, Oakland Raiders
36. it’s Brittany Bitch Jonathan Stewart
RB, Carolina Panthers
Round 4
37. it’s Brittany Bitch Jordan Reed
TE, Washington Redskins
38. Team Hammer Slammers C.J. Anderson
RB, Denver Broncos
39. Team Chadwell Demaryius Thomas
WR, Denver Broncos
40. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Jarvis Landry
WR, Miami Dolphins
41. Arch Dingo Eric Decker
WR, New York Jets
42. Team Tesneary Jeremy Maclin
WR, Kansas City Chiefs
43. Team Padolsky Doug Baldwin
WR, Seattle Seahawks
44. Team monaco Randall Cobb
WR, Green Bay Packers
45. Team Rudolph Russell Wilson
QB, Seattle Seahawks
46. My Nickanme In Highschool Ben Roethlisberger
QB, Pittsburgh Steelers
47. Team Polk High Thomas Rawls
RB, Seattle Seahawks
48. Green Rivers Killers Carlos Hyde
RB, San Francisco 49ers
Round 5
49. Green Rivers Killers Golden Tate
WR, Detroit Lions
50. Team Polk High T.Y. Hilton
WR, Indianapolis Colts
51. My Nickanme In Highschool Jeremy Hill
RB, Cincinnati Bengals
52. Team Rudolph Delanie Walker
TE, Tennessee Titans
53. Team monaco Greg Olsen
TE, Carolina Panthers
54. Team Padolsky DeMarco Murray
RB, Tennessee Titans
55. Team Tesneary Matt Forte
RB, New York Jets
56. Arch Dingo Arian Foster
RB, Miami Dolphins
57. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Donte Moncrief
WR, Indianapolis Colts
58. Team Chadwell Larry Fitzgerald
WR, Arizona Cardinals
59. Team Hammer Slammers Melvin Gordon
RB, San Diego Chargers
60. it’s Brittany Bitch Emmanuel Sanders
WR, Denver Broncos
Round 6
61. it’s Brittany Bitch Kelvin Benjamin
WR, Carolina Panthers
62. Team Hammer Slammers Duke Johnson Jr.
RB, Cleveland Browns
63. Team Chadwell Michael Floyd
WR, Arizona Cardinals
64. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Allen Hurns
WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
65. Arch Dingo Ryan Mathews
RB, Philadelphia Eagles
66. Team Tesneary Giovani Bernard
RB, Cincinnati Bengals
67. Team Padolsky Travis Kelce
TE, Kansas City Chiefs
68. Team monaco Frank Gore
RB, Indianapolis Colts
69. Team Rudolph Jeremy Langford
RB, Chicago Bears
70. My Nickanme In Highschool Martellus Bennett
TE, New England Patriots
71. Team Polk High Gary Barnidge
TE, Cleveland Browns
72. Green Rivers Killers Carson Palmer
QB, Arizona Cardinals
Round 7
73. Green Rivers Killers Danny Woodhead
RB, San Diego Chargers
74. Team Polk High John Brown
WR, Arizona Cardinals
75. My Nickanme In Highschool Marvin Jones
WR, Detroit Lions
76. Team Rudolph Broncos D/ST
D/ST, Denver Broncos
77. Team monaco Michael Crabtree
WR, Oakland Raiders
78. Team Padolsky Stephen Gostkowski
K, New England Patriots
79. Team Tesneary Rashad Jennings
RB, New York Giants
80. Arch Dingo Steven Hauschka
K, Seattle Seahawks
81. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Sterling Shepard
WR, New York Giants
82. Team Chadwell Eli Manning
QB, New York Giants
83. Team Hammer Slammers Derrick Henry
RB, Tennessee Titans
84. it’s Brittany Bitch Matt Jones
RB, Washington Redskins
Round 8
85. it’s Brittany Bitch Blake Bortles
QB, Jacksonville Jaguars
86. Team Hammer Slammers Jordan Matthews
WR, Philadelphia Eagles
87. Team Chadwell Josh Gordon
WR, Cleveland Browns
88. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Kevin White
WR, Chicago Bears
89. Arch Dingo Patriots D/ST
D/ST, New England Patriots
90. Team Tesneary Coby Fleener
TE, New Orleans Saints
91. Team Padolsky Panthers D/ST
D/ST, Carolina Panthers
92. Team monaco Adam Vinatieri
K, Indianapolis Colts
93. Team Rudolph Derek Carr
QB, Oakland Raiders
94. My Nickanme In Highschool DeSean Jackson
WR, Washington Redskins
95. Team Polk High Ameer Abdullah
RB, Detroit Lions
96. Green Rivers Killers Philip Rivers
QB, San Diego Chargers
Round 9
97. Green Rivers Killers T.J. Yeldon
RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
98. Team Polk High Tyler Lockett
WR, Seattle Seahawks
99. My Nickanme In Highschool Charles Sims
RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
100. Team Rudolph Willie Snead
WR, New Orleans Saints
101. Team monaco Tavon Austin
WR, Los Angeles Rams
102. Team Padolsky Zach Ertz
TE, Philadelphia Eagles
103. Team Tesneary Chris Ivory
RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
104. Arch Dingo Isaiah Crowell
RB, Cleveland Browns
105. Supersonic Swifty Sloths DeAngelo Williams
RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
106. Team Chadwell Antonio Gates
TE, San Diego Chargers
107. Team Hammer Slammers Andy Dalton
QB, Cincinnati Bengals
108. it’s Brittany Bitch DeVante Parker
WR, Miami Dolphins
Round 10
109. it’s Brittany Bitch Torrey Smith
WR, San Francisco 49ers
110. Team Hammer Slammers Jimmy Graham
TE, Seattle Seahawks
111. Team Chadwell Tyler Eifert
TE, Cincinnati Bengals
112. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Dak Prescott
QB, Dallas Cowboys
113. Arch Dingo Will Fuller
WR, Houston Texans
114. Team Tesneary Kenny Stills
WR, Miami Dolphins
115. Team Padolsky Kirk Cousins
QB, Washington Redskins
116. Team monaco Cardinals D/ST
D/ST, Arizona Cardinals
117. Team Rudolph Mason Crosby
K, Green Bay Packers
118. My Nickanme In Highschool Michael Thomas
WR, New Orleans Saints
119. Team Polk High Jason Witten
TE, Dallas Cowboys
120. Green Rivers Killers Seahawks D/ST
D/ST, Seattle Seahawks
Round 11
121. Green Rivers Killers Stefon Diggs
WR, Minnesota Vikings
122. Team Polk High LeGarrette Blount
RB, New England Patriots
123. My Nickanme In Highschool James White
RB, New England Patriots
124. Team Rudolph Bilal Powell
RB, New York Jets
125. Team monaco Devontae Booker
RB, Denver Broncos
126. Team Padolsky Theo Riddick
RB, Detroit Lions
127. Team Tesneary Darren Sproles
RB, Philadelphia Eagles
128. Arch Dingo Vincent Jackson
WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
129. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Jay Ajayi
RB, Miami Dolphins
130. Team Chadwell James Starks
RB, Green Bay Packers
131. Team Hammer Slammers Jordan Cameron
TE, Miami Dolphins
132. it’s Brittany Bitch Devin Funchess
WR, Carolina Panthers
Round 12
133. it’s Brittany Bitch Justin Forsett
RB, Baltimore Ravens
134. Team Hammer Slammers Bengals D/ST
D/ST, Cincinnati Bengals
135. Team Chadwell Tevin Coleman
RB, Atlanta Falcons
136. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Christine Michael
RB, Seattle Seahawks
137. Arch Dingo Julius Thomas
TE, Jacksonville Jaguars
138. Team Tesneary Ryan Fitzpatrick
QB, New York Jets
139. Team Padolsky Packers D/ST
D/ST, Green Bay Packers
140. Team monaco Kamar Aiken
WR, Baltimore Ravens
141. Team Rudolph Corey Coleman
WR, Cleveland Browns
142. My Nickanme In Highschool Brock Osweiler
QB, Houston Texans
143. Team Polk High Markus Wheaton
WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
144. Green Rivers Killers Zach Miller
TE, Chicago Bears
Round 13
145. Green Rivers Killers Mohamed Sanu
WR, Atlanta Falcons
146. Team Polk High Justin Tucker
K, Baltimore Ravens
147. My Nickanme In Highschool Blair Walsh
K, Minnesota Vikings
148. Team Rudolph Travis Benjamin
WR, San Diego Chargers
149. Team monaco Steve Smith Sr.
WR, Baltimore Ravens
150. Team Padolsky Pierre Garcon
WR, Washington Redskins
151. Team Tesneary Shane Vereen
RB, New York Giants
152. Arch Dingo Phillip Dorsett
WR, Indianapolis Colts
153. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Tyrod Taylor
QB, Buffalo Bills
154. Team Chadwell Chris Hogan
WR, New England Patriots
155. Team Hammer Slammers Jerick McKinnon
RB, Minnesota Vikings
156. it’s Brittany Bitch Bruce Ellington
WR, San Francisco 49ers
Round 14
157. it’s Brittany Bitch Rishard Matthews
WR, Tennessee Titans
158. Team Hammer Slammers Marcus Mariota
QB, Tennessee Titans
159. Team Chadwell Texans D/ST
D/ST, Houston Texans
160. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Jared Cook
TE, Green Bay Packers
161. Arch Dingo Tyler Boyd
WR, Cincinnati Bengals
162. Team Tesneary Mike Wallace
WR, Baltimore Ravens
163. Team Padolsky Roberto Aguayo
K, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
164. Team monaco DeAndre Washington
RB, Oakland Raiders
165. Team Rudolph Eric Ebron
TE, Detroit Lions
166. My Nickanme In Highschool Bills D/ST
D/ST, Buffalo Bills
167. Team Polk High Chiefs D/ST
D/ST, Kansas City Chiefs
168. Green Rivers Killers Raiders D/ST
D/ST, Oakland Raiders
Round 15
169. Green Rivers Killers Dan Bailey
K, Dallas Cowboys
170. Team Polk High Alex Smith
QB, Kansas City Chiefs
171. My Nickanme In Highschool Graham Gano
K, Carolina Panthers
172. Team Rudolph Chandler Catanzaro
K, Arizona Cardinals
173. Team monaco Matt Prater
K, Detroit Lions
174. Team Padolsky Javorius Allen
RB, Baltimore Ravens
175. Team Tesneary Robbie Gould
K, Chicago Bears
176. Arch Dingo Spencer Ware
RB, Kansas City Chiefs
177. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Cairo Santos
K, Kansas City Chiefs
178. Team Chadwell Terrance West
RB, Baltimore Ravens
179. Team Hammer Slammers Ravens D/ST
D/ST, Baltimore Ravens
180. it’s Brittany Bitch Vikings D/ST
D/ST, Minnesota Vikings
Round 16
181. it’s Brittany Bitch Chris Boswell
K, Pittsburgh Steelers
182. Team Hammer Slammers Nick Novak
K, Houston Texans
183. Team Chadwell Josh Brown
K, New York Giants
184. Supersonic Swifty Sloths Rams D/ST
D/ST, Los Angeles Rams
185. Arch Dingo Matthew Stafford
QB, Detroit Lions
186. Team Tesneary Jets D/ST
D/ST, New York Jets
187. Team Padolsky Kenny Britt
WR, Los Angeles Rams
188. Team monaco C.J. Prosise
RB, Seattle Seahawks
189. Team Rudolph Sammie Coates
WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
190. My Nickanme In Highschool Charles Clay
TE, Buffalo Bills
191. Team Polk High Steelers D/ST
D/ST, Pittsburgh Steelers
192. Green Rivers Killers Tajae Sharpe
WR, Tennessee Titans

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