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I everyone, my name is Little Tommy Brady DeMattia, and I am the mascot for the and here is my story!

About Me:

I am a Labrador Retriever and was born on 6/8/16. My story starts off sad but I have made it so far and there is no stopping me now. The story goes, my 3 sisters and my brother and I were found in a storm ditch in Georgia about 7 weeks ago. Someone grabbed us and brought us to the shelter. We we scheduled to be killed the following Monday and then the kind people over at the K-9 Lifesavers organization got me Sunday and saved me and my siblings, close call! Well before you know it, we were at a foster home in Virginia hanging out until someone claimed us. At this point I was giving the name Sam. We were very popular and went pretty fast. My new owners Arty and Suzi were trying to get a dog for months and finally landed me. They really wanted one of my sisters too and came very close. My new daddy named me Little Tommy Brady, after the G.O.A.T. I hope the Patriots have take your dog to the game day and I can meet the real Tommy Brady. I hope someday I can meet my brother and sisters again. The first night I was with Arty and Suzi, I missed them a lot. Arty said he heard me crying in my sleep. I have a great life now. My new parents take great care of me. I have my own pool and my own grass patch on the patio in the middle of the city! I am in Silver Spring Maryland, which is right outside of DC. Arty and Suzi made me a web site (this) a gmail account, a instagram, Facebook and twitter so hopefully my siblings owners can follow me and someday I can see them again. If you want to find out more information about me or see my pictures and follow my journey, my links are below! Thank you for stopping by and remember, when thinking about getting a pet, think adoption. There are so many of us getting killed everyday at shelters and really just want loving parents and a loving home. I’m a real life story and there are tons of pets out there that can live the same story as me.

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  1. You are a very cute mascot, Tommy. Sorry your start in life was a bit rocky, but I bet living with Arty and Suzi will make up for that. -Ellie

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