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So here at the Packie we figured we will start doing reviews of things such as bars, movies, kitty litter. Anything that gets eyes on the page, am I right? So we decided to kick off the bar review section today and I figure lets start this the right way and have a positive review.

1518 Bar and Grill – 1518 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 –

Last night I was in the great city of brotherly love totally by a force of nature that for some reason doesn’t allow planes to leave the ground. I was on route back to Boston with a layover in Philie. I was coming home from Florida after spending a relaxing mid holiday break with my parents and grandmother.

Once I got to Philie, I received a phone call that my plane was grounded. Instead of spending the night at the airport, I made arrangements to stay downtown and fly out the next day. As any drunk for Boston would do, I searched out a place to eat and have a few drinks. After stopping in a few spots I came across 1518 Bar and Grill. It was a stones through from the hotel I was staying at in center city.

It was a Tuesday night and there was a pretty good crowd when I got in there. The place has a nice vibe and I had awesome convocation with some of the people at the bar. There seems to be a lot of professionals that drink and eat here. There defiantly wasn’t any shady people and being from Boston I know shady. They have a nice section of beers on tap and a full bar. They also have a drink list with house drinks on there. I am not sure about happy hour since I got there around 8.They have a nice section of food from apps to salads to full meals. Seafood seems to be a popular item on the menu. I got the chicken tenders off the app menu and they were very good. It is a narrow place, so there isn’t much room to stand if you don’t get a bar seat or table and they didn’t have many TVs so if you were looking for a place to watch a couple of games at once, this is probably not the place.

While I was there I had a few beers on tap and their house Cab which also was very good. The bartender was a sweet heart from up state NY name Kiley. She was very attentive and knew what she was doing. She said she had been doing it for a while and it shows. Being a bartender nothing bothers me more then being ignored at the bar when I need something and this defiantly wasn’t the case here. I also met the owner who was there at the time. Very nice guy.

If you’re if in Philie I would defiantly recommend stopping by the 1518 Bar and Grill for lunch, dinner or a few drinks. I def will be back next time the sox are in town.

  • Vibe: 9
  • Beer Selection: 8
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 10
  • Food: 9
  • Accessibility: 9
  • Seating area: 6
  • Total: 51 out of 60 (A-)

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