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Movie Review: The Infiltrator

I like Bryan Cranston. I root for him. Breaking bad was great. He acted the shit out of Trumbo even though it wasn’t a great movie. I’ve heard him on podcasts and he is a likeable guy.

The preview for this movie makes me walk in with low hopes. This looks like a movie we have seen before that was done amazing the first time. The visuals in the preview made it seem like a made for TV movie and the audio seemed too clean. We’ll see how the movie works out.

And why is this movie out to days early. Most movies drop on a Friday for some reason this one is out on Wednesday.

This movie has a lot of strange montages. They move things along for no real reason. The movie starts off at kind of a fast pace putting you in this world but it slows down in the middle and continues to be slow. This is going to be one of the movies that’s OK but is kind of forgettable. The plot is fine it just didn’t move along in a way that made me care about it.

Cranston is good. Jon Leguizamo isn’t too annoying. (Hear Ben’s rant on episode 95 of Search for a Cohost)

I really enjoy when directors have one long shot. about 3/4 of the way into the movie there was one really long shot that had a lot of actors and a lot of moving parts and I got excited and I just wanted it to keep going.

“Still a pretty good ending” one of the characters says. I disagree. I thought it was anticlimactic. It felt like they built up to this scene but they ran out of money so they didn’t have a big action packed scene like it could have been.

TLDR: 3/5. Decent but forgettable. Not enough thrills in this thriller but it was fine. I liked it alright.

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