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Movie Review: Swiss Army Man

I couldn’t give this movie an honest assessment. I probably am only writing this review to remind myself I need to give this one an honest re-watch.

Part of the reason I could not fully enjoy this movie is because hours before I sat in the theater to watch this movie I got news that basically spells out the end of my theater going experience. Stand by on a full account on how I’m done.

This is a really weird movie, which are the kind of movies I really enjoy. Paul Dano is trapped on a desert island and harry potters corpse washes up and this becomes a friendship. There are a lot of crazy imagination sequences which make what could be dull fun.

A bit too much is focused on farting. Yes farting is funny but you don’t have to rely on it that much.

The ending was very satisfying.

TLDR: 3/5. I enjoyed this movie but I was too distracted to fully enjoy it.

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