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The Hottest Cheerleaders in the NFL! Where each team ranks (NFC)


A couple weeks ago I reviewed which AFC teams have the hottest cheerleaders. This week we look at the NFC. By far, the NFC is all around better.

Dallas Cowboys
Grade A

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are probably the most well known in the entire NFL and the organization takes a lot of pride in them. They are like the Laker girls of the NFL. They don’t disappoint.  There outfits might not have changed in 14-years but  every squad is HOT! This years is no different.

Philadelphia Eagles
Grade: A-

I hate the Eagles but when it comes down to there cheerleaders sexy outfit + Sexy cheerleaders = WOW!

Washington Redskins
Grade: B
Very diverse group with something for everyone. Asians, African Americans, Blonds and Redheads. Oh my! This group has a better mix of them than most teams. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a few butterfaces in the group though.

Minnesota Vikings –
Grade: C-
They need some work. They should start by getting rid of a few girls who could pass for men.

Atlanta Falcons
Grade: B+

Atlanta is having a disappointing season. Oh well! at least fans have something good to look at.

Carolina Panthers  –
Grade: C

Not bad but compared to most teams they are average.

New Orleans Saints –
Grade: B –
They are solid. I know there colors are gold, which always creates a chessy Italian look, but it’s not there fault.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers –
Grade: A

Get me some pirate booty!

Arizona Cardinals  –
Grade: B

They are good. Not much I can say about them that I haven’t with other teams.

St Louis Rams –
Grade: B-
All the teams I have given a ‘B’ to are all starting to blur together.

San Francisco 49ers –
Grade: N/A

I was unable to find a 2013 roster photo so….you suck gold rush!

Seattle Seahawks –
Grade: B+

Some awkward looking girls but the hot ones are very hot.

Well that’s the NFC which by far has much more attractive women. You win Cowboys!

-Adam Mallett

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