Inside Northeast Delta Dental Stadium– Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews (MILB Addition) #1


Inside Northeast Delta Dental Stadium– Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews (MILB Addition)

Stadium Name: Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

Team: New Hampshire Fisher Cats

League: MiLB – AA Eastern League

Years Visited:

Opposing Team:
Richmond Flying Squirrels (SF Giants AA)

Date Opened: 2005

Date Closed:

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10


Triple-A Double-A Class A Short A/ Rookie
Adult Ticket $8.12 $7.15 $6.99 $6.13
Child Ticket $7.07 $5.95 $5.89 $5.23
Hot Dog $3.30 $2.91 $3.03 $2.63
Soda $2.94 $2.86 $2.89 $2.58
Beer $5.47 $4.76 $4.86 $4.37
Program $2.77 $2.58 $1.96 $2.17
*Parking $4.83 $4.43 $4.32 $3.72

Beer Price Rank (2016): above average

Ticket Price Rank (2016): above average

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Notable Award: Like its big league brother, the Blue Jays, this stadium also includes a hotel in center field where you can rent a room for the night and take in a baseball game from your own room or a patio setup with heat lamps on the main level of the hotel.

Review: I got to the park about an hour before the game. The park had said something about a pregame happy hour, but they didn’t have many drink specials or any that I could see. Prices for tickets and beer is above average, but it is located in the biggest city in New Hampshire so I will give it some wiggle room for that. The game was a good time. I had got dinner and a few drinks down the road before I got to the park so i had a nice little buzz going on. The temperature that day dropped dramatically to the point where I had shorts and a t-shirt on and was shivering. There is a little bit of a breeze in the mountains of New Hampshire. There was a decent crowd for a Thursday night and the fans seem to really get into the game. Its a newer stadium with everything updated. It was a good time and if your ever in Manchester (or Manchs Vegas as they call it) check out a game.

Pictures from the Park:

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