Arty 84 Adventure – The Entire East Coast in 2 weeks


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Date: 6/26/16 – 7/13/16

Objective: To Finally move from Boston to DC, then make my way down to New Orleans to get my and Suzi’s stuff for DC, then head up to the Buffalo area to DJ a wedding, then make my way back to Boston to grab a few more things, then down to Hartford to DJ an event for my old work then head back to DC.

The Adventure: I wasn’t on the road the entire two weeks, but most of the days I was. On 6/27 and 6/28 I was in DC. I was also there for 7/5-7/7 before hitting the road again. Over the over two week span I drop about 4,168 plus miles. To put that in retrospect, It is about the same as if I drove from Boston to San Diego then up to Seattle.

The trip started off rough at first. The day I was moving down to DC, it took about 12 hours (a trip that takes about 8). I will never leave on a Sunday again, it was a nightmare. I got to DC and spent the next couple of days unpacking stuff and building Ikea furniture. After a couple of days, I got back on the road and heading down to New Orleans, stopping in the Atlanta area to visit same family and pick up my little cousin for the ride down to help move some stuff.

We got to New Orleans and my and the 16 year old proceeded to be kick out of a bar. In New Orleans right? I thought we were fine since we were in the outdoors area, but I guess not. We loaded the van up and then I blew my back out. Try driving the rest of the trip with a bad back, terrible. When I finally got to Atlanta on Friday, I was heading out to pick up Suzi from the airport, when I did, I could hardly walk. I almost need a walker like the old folks have with the tennis balls on the bottom.

The back started feeling at little better when we got up to Tennessee that weekend to visit Suzi’s mom, but the back was still a little soar. We set back for DC on the 4th of July and took a nice scenic route through Kentucky, Western Virginia and West Virginia before making it back to DC for a couple of days. I spent this week, like the weeks before unpacking and setting up the apartment to where we need it to be.

At the end of the week I headed up to the Buffalo area to DJ a wedding. The wedding was in the lovely Lechworth State Park. I headed up and stopped in the city of 84 in PA, well because everything about my live has 84 in it. I also spend the night in Buffalo, that was interesting. I went to a AAA baseball game on Friday night seeing the Buffalo Bison’s play. The wedding was the next day and went off without a hitch. The park was awesome and got a chance to explore it a little bit. The next day I stopped in Cooperstown on my way to Boston to visit home. I go to Cooperstown every year and love it.

I made it to Boston, two weeks after I left for a couple of days and making my way to Hartford to DJ the Margarita’s softball games as I do every year, then back to DC where I can settle down for a while. It was a crazy trip in need. lots of miles, lots of good food and lots of great people along the way. I was lucky to have either my little cousin or Suzi as a road trip buddy for half of the trip to keep me company. As much as I love driving, I think once I get back to DC, I’m going to stay put for a little while and finally start work down there.


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