The Wussification and stupid rules that are destroying sports


I understand we all want to prevent injuries from happening. The NFL and now MLB are taking precautions to limit some of these injuries. However, at what point does it hurt the integrity of the game? Well, it already is. The MLB is starting down that path and the NFL is leading the way. The major sports claim all these attempts to prevent injuries is to make the sport safer. While that is there goal, it isn’t because they genially care about the players. It’s because they care about the money these players bring in. In the end, it is only destroying sports.

What sport makes the most money in this country? It’s the NFL. What sport is trying to reduce the amount of injuries the most? The NFL. The NFL does deserve the most attention due to the amount of contact. However, have you ever asked yourself ” How come the NHL hasn’t been as vocal about preventing injury?” Contact is also a huge part of Hockey. Why aren’t they making a big deal about it? While several new rules on hitting in the NHL have been implemented over the years, you can’t argue that the NFL has been the main focus. Why do you think that is? If you read between the lines the answer is simple. The NFL generates more money and owners want to protect there investments. Plus, they have more money to throw at the problem. The NHL generates roughly $3-billion a year. The NFL generates $25 billion. This is why the NFL gets more attention. With more money on the line, executives care me. Do you think these NFL executives care on a personal level if someone gets brain damage? No, they only care because it could prevent children from pursuing the sport as a career in the future.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has praised a lot of the new rule changes lately, but In my opinion some of these changes could do more harm than good. For example, as of this year running backs can no longer lower the crowns of there helmets. Former running back Emmitt Smith put it best. He said “I’m a running back and I’m running into a linebacker, you’re telling me I have to keep my head up so he can take my chin off? You’ve absolutely lost your mind” I understand the NFL wants to eliminate as much helmet to helmet contact as possible, but with so many potential risks of creating a penalty, they are forcing players to hit low. This will cause more knee and leg injuries like we witnessed with Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski. I think there is a lot more injury risk getting tackled at the legs than the upper body, don’t you? So what next? You can only tackle at the waist? Should we make this a flag football league? Football is a contact sport. So let them have contract! You will always have injuries. Injuries were never a problem in Football. They are simply a part of the game. With revenue growing every year though the NFL wants to make it as safe as possible. I can think of other ways to reduce injury. I’m sure having a team play Sunday and again for a Thursday night game can’t be good for the body. The NFL won’t look into that though because finding a way to have more games equals more cash! Furthermore, it seems like flags are getting thrown more than ever! Pass interference calls are up 65% over the last five years. You can’t touch anyone anymore without someone bitching that it should be a penalty!

Now Baseball is starting to get more involved. I can understand looking into developing some type of new hat for pitchers on the mound. It doesn’t interfere with the game, but when I was reading an article today about how MLB is making an effort to block plate collisions, I almost lost my mind! They want to make it so catchers can’t block home plate!? What the hell! Something just seems wrong about having a catcher stand next to the plate and attempt a swipe tag. How many times does this happen a year anyway!? How often do players get seriously injured in home plate collisions? The only instance I can think of in recent memory was Buster Posey in 2012. So they want to make a rule change based on one injury!? You could make the argument that none of the other bases are allowed to be blocked so why should home be any different, but in my opinion home plate is different because it’s a scoring base! The rule also states, runners won’t be able to target the catcher and the play will be reviewable. Ohhh yaaaa great idea! :-/ Baseball games are long enough so lets make them even longer with this review system in place. What’s next? Will they get rid of base running all together and if you hit the ball off the wall or in the gap it’s an automatic double? Afterall, you could pull a hamstring rounding first!

Where does it end? We all want to limit injuries but how much of the sport do we want to take away in the process? I am fine with a tweak hear and there but at some point someone needs to say enough is enough. With growing revenue it will only get worse.

– Adam Mallett

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