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Movie Review: Neon Demon

I love this director. Nicholas Winding Refn. Drive. Pusher. Valhalla Rising. Great stuff.

If I didn’t love this director I would have enjoyed this movie in the least.

This movie sort of felt like he lost a bet and he basically had to make some boring scenes interesting by using music. The music he chooses to add the scenes really make the scenes better. Also this movie is absolutely beautiful the way he frames shots is cool and his use of lighting is awesome.

The biggest problem with this movie is that there isn’t really enough of the plot. If this movie wasn’t as beautiful loop as it was and it wasn’t made by someone I like I would not have liked it. This is not a good movie. I was kind of bored at times but it was OK because there were some interesting stuff going on on the screen. The boring conversations were helped along by the fact that some fun techno music was playing.

Keanu Reeves is cool. He plays a sweet douche bag motel owner. I would have liked to see more of him.

There’s a lot of creepy shit in this movie. At times I really just thought of the director writing this movie and realizing that if you write stuff down then people will have to do it. It’s like he was living out his fetish. No like seriously this and really creepy shit in this movie and the director is a goddamn sicko

TLDR: 3/5. I think I’ll say liked it even though it was not a good movie. Looks and sounds nice but

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