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Movie Review: Our Kind of Traitor

I don’t think I’d ever even heard of this one…

I don’t think I’d even ever heard of this one. Is that a good sign? This seems to be a small indie thriller (and since I need to wait to see some of the blockbuster’s with the misses and I don’t want to watch other big ones I got this one).

I don’t really have much to say about this one. It was good.

Some normal people get pulled into the world of the Russian Mafia and MI6. Lives and money are at stake.

The acting was good. The suspense and the story really worked together. You had fun figuring out what was going on and what the story was about and then once the story started to unfold you didn’t know where it was going.

It felt like a bigger movie than I think it was. There were a lot beautiful sweeping shots and it was shot in all kinds of beautiful locations.

TLDR: 3.5/5. I really liked this movie. Good thrilling thriller that will keep you guessing.

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