Inside Babe Ruth’s House and Museum – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews (Baseball Landmarks)

Inside Babe Ruth’s House and Museum – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Years Visited: 2016

Notable Fact:
Located in Baltimore Maryland, a stones throw from Camden Yards, is Babe Ruth’s childhood home.

Review: In all my years of going to Baltimore, I have never been to the Babe’s house. I was down there for a Sox and O’s game in May of 2016 and had some time to kill and figured it would be a good time to check it out. The house, located a half mile away from Camden Yards, is an old school brownstone in the heart of downtown Baltimore.

It is a cool little place. $7 to get in and you get to see a short video on the Babe’s life through the majors. Their is a small little gift shop on the first floor as well. When you get up stairs, you get to see the room where the Babe was born! The house looks like its from the turn of the century and really brings you back to the old days.

If you in Baltimore, check out the Museum. Its a great blast into the past and if you are a baseball purest, you will appreciate this piece of baseball history.

Pictures from the Landmark:

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