My rant on US Airways


The other day I was flying home from Florida and US Airways pissed me off. I was able to spend a great night in Philie but I much rather have been home. This is what I wrote to them. Now if they do write back and offer me something in return I will be more happy to rebut this story and write a follow up.

Hi, my name is A**** D****. The reason I write is because I am very disappointed in US Airways. The other day I was flying home to Boston by way of Philadelphia. In Philie they were expecting snow, which they got and as a result my connecting flight to Boston was canceled. That is not what upset me. I understand the airlines can’t control the weather. What I was disappointed in was the lack of keeping a customer happy. When I got off my flight from Ft. Myers, I went to an agent to try to get another flight back to Boston. There were a lot of people displaced and the rep was trying to get me on another flight. It seemed I would have to fly stand by on a flight and there was no 100% chance I was getting on. There were many older people on the flight with me who were also going back to Boston. I told the agent that I would be very happy to take a flight the next day to allow people who needed to get back sooner, be able to get home. No i had no place to stay at this point. In the past with other airlines, American which you are merging with, have been very great-full of me volunteering and comped me a room for the night with food vouchers. This has happen several times for me. I was not offered a room and I was not offered even a food voucher. I know airlines have rooms, I worked with the airlines in the past, for their crews and don’t use all of them. And would a food voucher to grab some dinner hurt as well? A poor man who has been stuck at the airport next to me from Europe was also denied a food voucher. I fly 15,000 miles a year and never had a problem with US airways In fact they were my top choice, but after this experience I do not believe I will ever fly them again. And to top it off, my name was spelt completely wrong on my pass and the agent in Ft. Myers said that I must of spelt my name wrong. I think I would know how to spell my name. I had to pay out of pocket for a hotel room, travel back and forth to the airport and 3 meals. I am very upset and will be sure to share this story with others and with the publication that I run. Thank you

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  1. Just to let everyone know, I am heading to San Diego from Tampa tonight. I booked my flight and seats months ago. My wife and I get to the airport tonight we were assigned new seats, not together. I called US Airways and they said it was not their problem. I am a million plus flyer with American and if this is the way we will be treated I will never fly US/American again.

    Don’t fly US/American. They cannot be trusted.

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