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Movie Review: Central Intellegence

The previews for this one were starting to annoy me…

The movie start time is listed at 1:35 PM. They played so many previews the actual movie didn’t start until 1:59 PM. 24 Minutes of previews!? Regal, what the hell are you doing!? That’s ridiculous!

Holy smokes, is that my former Improv Boston video sketch class teacher Robert Woo (who’s episode of the podcast is available here:  )? Yeah it is! Cool! Woo had a couple lines and was in a few scenes and did a great job!

The Rock is annoying. Yes I know that is supposed to be his character but it’s a bit much. Weird that in a movie with Kevin Hart, he was not the annoying one.

There were some teenagers sitting near me who were losing their minds (out of boredom). They were moving their electronic reclining seats constantly and annoyingly and loudly for much of the movie. They at one point threw a water bottle toward the front row while goofing around. I can’t really blame them because the movie wasn’t really holding my attention either. Not enough was happening.

Loved the scene with Kumail Nanjiani (who had a snake in his lunchbox for no reason). He always makes me laugh.

This movie was shot (at least partially) in Boston. I loved seeing the Boston Common on the big screen like that. Always cool.

This movie had a couple laughs but not enough. The action was okay but not good enough.

TLDR 2/5. A couple laughs but not a good movie. Kinda boring.

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