The Last Drink Served: Arty 84’s Last Night at the Bar


Tonight closed a chapter in a 10 year story. Many would think that a small part time job that I picked up during college wouldn’t open the door to many friends and experiences. I started working at Margarita’s in Revere at the end of my second sophomore year in college. I needed something to past the time during the Summer since my other job, which I ended up having for 13 years, Finish Line, only had a limited amount of hours. After dropping off countless applications to restaurants around town, the only one that would hire a 21 year old guy with no experiences was Margarita’s, at the time a 20ish location chain in New England.

The Revere Margarita’s was only open for about 7 months at this point with much of the original staff still there. I remember going in looking to be a bartender but having no experience, I took a serving job. Why not right? All I was looking for was some extra cash to help pay for school and all my crazy adventure that would later go on.

I remember my first table that I had all by myself. Table 51 in the dinning room. It was my last day of training and the shit hit the fan. We were missing a few people that night and the place got slammed. Ken one of the managers ask if I wouldn’t mind taking a few tables, and that is how it all began. For the course of the summer I worked 4 days a week there. When school started, I went down to 1 night. At the time my mom started working there a few nights as a host along with my cousin. As time went on, my mom became a server as well, but I was about to say bye for the first time. It was the Summer of 2008 and I was about to graduate College and head into Grad school. I thought I would be fine, working part time at the Finish Line and part time at my intern place and wouldn’t need the extra day, but like people say never say never.

Table 51 - first table served

Table 51 – first table served

It was the Winter of 2009, I had just got laid off from my Intern place, Grad school bills were adding up, I started dating my ex  and I needed money. My best friend Eric was still working in Revere at the time. I met him in 2007 working at Margarita’s. We would later go on to have a radio show together for 10 years and how countless adventures together to this day. At the time of looking for a new job, I had mentioned to him about going back and like that I was training once again. On my first day back I remember an old kitchen manager, Jason, getting me on the schedule as soon as possible.

Long story short I work there non stop from Summer of 2009 until tonight. I finally got on the bar in 2010. I will never forget my first day of training behind there with Jamie and Brenda. I bounced around doing Shift Management and Lounge serving in between. I was hosting the Full Moon Madness there every month, along with any other events they may of had. I even got a couple comedy nights there before I left as well.

When I knew I was going to make my move, I had left my day job working in Architecture and went to Margarita’s full time. I went from working 70 hours a week to working 40 making the same. A good friend and line cook in the back Marvin once told me, ” you shouldn’t always work harder, but work smarter”, and he was right.

My last day shifted from April 4th, the May 5th and finally to June 25th. Awaiting my house being sold and other things being done, it took a little longer then I thought, but the extra days just established more memories.

Over the years I had met many people working there. People from out of town staying at the hotel that I became friends with and visited like Ben from Alaska, flight crews that are regulars and can always count on for having a good chat and know everything about your life like Mike, Ernie or Molly, locals who I would end up going to Vegas with like Bill or people who I would have a drink with on my day off and chat about music or sports like Joe and Darryl. I also had my friends I made throughout the years like Brenda and Kim who were the older sisters I never had or Matt and Justin who I felt like the middle brother with those two, or the ex bartenders who came and went that I still talk to like the legendary Corey and Chris. Others like Kacy who probably thinks I’m crazy and weird at times, but I always looked out for him and hope someday that his writing takes off. I’m lucky for the countless DJn gigs Diane had got me over the years and great full to be part of 2 weddings DJn both Justin’s and Corey’s.

Over the 10 years I had many girl friends, had several cars, been to many places and started much trouble, but I always had my second home, whether I knew it then or not. One always hopes that when they leave a place, they some how had made a positive impact that people remember years on. On my way out today I receive a very nice gift from my co-workers wishing me well. I heart felt card and gas money to get my around my adventures, which you can read about clicking here. Thank you to my managers Sam, Savan and Ryan and the DO’s during the time Adam and Matt for letting my sticking around week to week and thank you to the great people I work with and had worked with over the years. I know at times could be a real pain in the ass but at the end of the day I would like to think that only 5% of the people who work there hated me, and I’m sure everyone can figure out who they were.

As the night got close to the end, I was thinking about Sam Malone on his last night at the bar on cheers. Norm sits there by himself drinking his last beer there. Sam looks around the place, knowing its his last time there. Sam and I, both leaving to be with a girl, and as Norm said to Sam, “you’re the luckiest son of a bitch in the world” and he is right to both of us.

With wishful thinking of a slow ending to the night, it was typical Revere fashion when a quiet night turns crazy when a wedding party walks in at last call. But only that ending I can except, because a quiet night all alone wouldn’t be the way I would remember that place. Crazy ends to the night, flight crews and the same 15 songs over and over again on the radio.

Not sure where my future will take me, but I can tell you one thing, if I am back in New England, I will probably be working back at Margs some day, and that will still be less times then my good friend Shannon has left and come back or Corey being fired and re-hired in different locations.

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