Airlines: Which ones suck and which one’s I’d suck


So this past weekend I have finally hit 100K miles flown in my live. I did most of it in the last 10 years. Some flights were good, some sucked. The same goes for the airlines too. I decided I would take the 5 that I fly the most and break them down into worst to best. Here we go.

#5 US Airways

Well US Airways, you probably would of been higher in the list, but then you guys sucked this weekend when I was trying to get home. I gave up my seat on a flight for someone else who may of needed it, and I didn’t get a voucher for a room or food. I had to pay my own way to stay the night. Not cool. I understand you can’t control the weather or canceled flights, but when a customer is not yelling at you and willing to take a flight the next day, I’d help them out. Also two times that I flew them, they spelt my name wrong making it impossible to find the reservation and making me have to deal with TSA crap. A big BOOOOO to you US airways

#4 United

First time I flew under the United name was this weekend. I had flown Continental before (which now merged with United) and was actually impressed that they still served free meals. Now under United that has gone away. I got on a United flight the other day and was very pleased to see TVs on the seats like Jet Blue. Well when we took off, you had to pay 7 bucks to watch it. Really??? I looked around the plane, not a soul had purchased the TV. Good try United. The flight was cheap, BUT its only because I was flying US Airways back and because you put me through hell with them, you loose points in my book. United does have cute flight attendants though, well at least the some I have seen. Here is some advice, let people watch TV for free and I’m sold. You will totally steal some of my Jet Blue flights.

#3 American

The first airline I ever flew was American. I was 10 years old and was with my dad taking a flight from Boston to Ft. Myers with a stop in Miami. I was terrified, but at least Pulp Fiction was playing as the movie. They served a meal back in 1996 for free, but when I took them to Chicago in 2012 the free meal was gone. They got rid of the Eagle department of American which is cool, so now I don’t have to get on one of those scary ass prop planes. I never really had an issue with them. When I was flying home from a cruise, they cancelled my flight to Charlotte. The guy at the desk was very nice and was relived when I told him I’d fly home the next day instead. He put me up in a room, gave me a food voucher and I got to enjoy a night on South Beach on American’s dime. It was great. I don’t fly them a lot because their prices are a little high. I just heard they merged with US Airways and that may keep me from ever flying them again, although they were always on time and friendly when I did fly them. I hope with the merger, they keep the American name and get rid of all the shitty things about US Airways.

#2 Delta

Well Delta is Delta. Sometimes I have no choice but to fly them. I got to Ft. Myers a lot and they usually have cheap flights, but they all have to stop in Atlanta. One time flying Delta, my flight got canceled and they wanted me to fly to NY and some how get to NJ to continue on my flight, weird right? Well when I got to the airport they were nice enough to get me on a flight to Atlanta then on to my final destination. A few times I have been delayed because of engine problems, but other than that, there not terrible. There wifi isn’t bad either, one price for the whole trip.

#1 Jet Blue

The best airline out there hands down. Free TV, nice perks, friendly as hell staff and never had an issue. One time I flew to Vegas and my TV was broke, I got to drink for free. Never had a delay. I have met many pilots, crew and desk agents and they all rock. Jet Blue may be a little more on the pricey side, BUT you get what you pay for. If you have the AMEX through them, you get good perks. It used to be better before they changed the point accumulation method, but its still pretty good. They also don’t fly to the Mid-West other then Chicago, but when I think about it, who really wants to go to the Iowa anyways. Even people from Iowa don’t want to go there. Rock on JB don’t change, except for your wifi, how about one fee for the entire flight and not by the hour.

Other airlines I have been on:

Air Trans: Flew twice and had no issues on there at all, the only thing that scares me that its value jet with a new paint job

Air Italia: Well flew them to Italy and on the way home the airline went on strike and there was basically no one on the return flight working, plus they canceled my flight and didn’t even notify me

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