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Movie Review: Warcraft

I didn’t have high hopes for this one. I never played the game so I don’t have that degree of caring.

Then I found out Bowie’s son is directing it. Normally just saying a sentence like that would be meaningless but he’s actually a decent director (from that one movie of his that I saw). Moon. If you haven’t seen it you should.

So now I see this isn’t getting great reviews so cool, back to thinking its shitty before even seeing it.

I could have seen this for nothing as part of my Movie Pass subscription. For some reason my phone company is thanking its customers so they bought me a movie ticket to Warcraft. (Except they only paid for a portion of it on fandango so I paid the extra $2.) why pay $2 for it when I could have paid $0 with movie pass? Because if some of the money from my bill is going to buy people movie tickets then I’m going to get me one of those tickets.

So. Cartoon animal monsters who don’t get along with people plus magic…

Yeah, this movie was awful. Some stuff looked nice but the plot was cheesy as hell and the characters did not matter at all. The acting was not great either. This one of sure is going to get some Razzie nominations.

I took the note “at least the battle scenes aren’t shaky” then was almost instantly disappointed.

I’ve heard that Game of Thrones is the best television show ever. I’ve never seen it. How shitty this bull shit fantasy crap was made me not want to watch it.

TLDR: 1/5. Hated it. Awful. Avoid.

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