Athletes in Embarassing Photos


Like actors, athletes are photographed all the time. Not every photo is gold though. Some are just plain embarassing and stupid.  Maybe it’s drugs, maybe it sounded like a good idea at the time.  These are some of the most embarassing photos of athletes.


Lebron James dressed as Bobby Brown.

At first I said to myself “ok this must have been for Halloween.” Nope, this was during the 2007 ESPYs and an attempt to gain more votes for MVP. What year did he think it was? Maybe this would have been cool if it was the early 1990’s and your were trying to pertray someone a little less stupid.


A drugged out Oscar De La Hoya in drag.

In 2007 a bunch of pictures surfaced of boxer Oscar De La Hoya dressed in fishnet stockings and high heels. His people quickly protested the photos were photo shopped. A couple years later, he admitted the photos were of him. It was also reveled that the women who released the photos was paid $20 million to retract her statement about them and keep her mouth shut. I think this is hilarious. Although, I’m sure his wife wasn’t happy, especially if some of that clothes belonged to her. You know what they say though..”Cocaine is a hell of a drug”


DeSean Jackson dives onto the one yard line for no reason.

Jackson plays for the Philadelphia Eagles now, but in 2005 while playing in the Army All American Bowl, Jackson decided to dive into the end-zone to score a touchdown. The only problem is, he actually touched to ball down to the ground just outside of the end zone. The most embarrasing thing about it was, nobody was around him!


Alex Rodriguez makes out with himself

It doesn’t matter that this is a professional photo for a magazine. I think this photo portrays a pretty accurate image of how we think A-roid sees himself.  Afterall, this is a guy who is rumored to have a painting of himself as a Minotaur hanging up in one of his homes.


Robin Ventura gets a beating from Nolan Ryan

Sometimes elders need to teach kids a lesson. That’s what happend back in 93. Ryan hit Ventura in the back as a result we have this classic photo of a 46 year old beating the hell out of a 25 year old.

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