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Movie Review: The Lobster

This small indie has been out for a couple weeks now. I was waiting for it to come to the theater closest to my house (as their newsletter promised it would be coming soon there) but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be so I’m going to see it before it disappears.

[You may remember when I reviewed Hologram for the King. I chose that over Elvis and Nixon. Bad choice because Elvis and Nixon disappeared out of the theater days later and that was the one I wanted to see most. I bet it would have stayed longer but it was gone the fastest. Bummer.

I’ve heard a couple interviews talking about this movie so my hopes are high. (WTF. Nerdist.)

Also I very much liked another movie by this director called Dogtooth. (Parents keep their teenagers in their compound until their dogteeth fall out. Its good I promise.) Looks like if you have Comcast you can stream it for free. (Make sure those fucks don’t edit the movie. When I streamed Bad Lieutenant they edited out all the scenes that made the movie a good movie (so I guess technically I still haven’t seen the movie in its entirety).)

Love movies like this. Realist movie with a little bit of weirdness/scifi pushed in.

Near future where you must find a mate in 45 days or get turned into an animal of your choosing. Randomly you get sent out into the woods and you hunt single people. For every single person you bring back to get an extra day to find a mate.

I absolutely love this movie. It was bananas. The world they’re living in is crazy but you just except that. The only crazy things happening are the dialogue in the Monday in conversations people have. The way people repeat meaningless phrases for no reason is great.

There are quite a few laughs in this movie (as long as you have the right sense of humor). This movie isn’t for everyone but if you view the world in a similar way that I do it’s for you. Of course because of the way this pleases animals just randomly walk by in the background for no reason. Camel flamingo. It’s fine because it’s just part of the world.

There are a couple wonderfully shocking moments. I held my hands over my mouth trying to keep a scream in when things were happening. Wonderful.

TLDR: 5/5 I absolutely loved this movie. Dark and twisted and funny.

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