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Movie Review: Now You See Me 2

Now you don’t…

I recently watched the first one and it was fine.

Got pretty much the worst seeing the house front row all the way over to the right. Let me tell you if there’s any shaky action sequences you really cannot see what’s going on when you’re sitting in the front row over to the side.

Why did the girl from the first one leave? Did they not give her enough money or something? Oh, the internet says she was pregnant. Good excuse. Good for her, I hope she has a happy life with the new person in the world. It’s fine I like Lizzy Caplan.

Woody Harrelson has a twin brother for no goddamn reason. He wears a wig and fake teeth. You know, cuz its funny. I wonder if he got extra money for playing characters. I hope so.

This movie really felt like it was pandering to Asian audiences. Stuff happening in Macau. If this bombs here it will do fine making money elsewhere.

Looking at the directors work, it seems like he mostly only direct bullshit sequels. 2 of the Step Up sequels. A G.I. Joe sequel. And of course a Justin Bieber movie. This movie wasn’t as bad as all of those movies listed would make it seem.

I wonder if something towards the end is going to turn out that it wasn’t like it seemed, like there was a trick involved.

TLDR: 2/5. This movie was good but it wasn’t terrible either. Maybe, watch it? I don’t know the angle was bad but it couldn’t have been that good.

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