Arty 84 Adventure – Night Shift Brewery, Everett MA


Date: 6/11/16

Objective: Me and Suzi J spent a Saturday afternoon exploring Night Shift Brewery in Everett MA.

The Adventure: It was a crappy day in June and the first lady and I were suppose to go on a friends boat for a ride around the harbor, but of course it was raining and not ideal boat weather. Suz is a Miller Lite girl, nothing wrong with that, but I felt it is time i broaden her pallet a little in the beer world. I have been to Night Shift many times and really enjoy their beers. One of the things I will miss when I move to DC is this place.

The place was packed as it usually is so we had just stopped by Mikes Roast Beef of 99 real quick for a couple of beefs first (Suz is from Tennessee, so a Boston roast beef blows her mind), another thing I’m going to miss. I’m going to have mom and dad send me down some via Fedex.

We got two flights while we were at Night Shift, I figured since she really doesn’t know what she will like, its a good way to ease her into the craft beer world. At Night Shift we sampled the following: The 87, Morph 06/03/16, Awake (First Ladies Favorite of the day), Trifecta (My nickname in high school), Whirlpool, Santilli, Furth and Simple Sour,

I have to say I really enjoyed them all and the experience there. Great place to visit if you are on the north shore of Boston. Check out more beer reviews here on The Packie by clicking here and by checking out my Untappd Profile by clicking here.


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