The Jaguars $40 million WR is Allergic to Grass.

Typically, you want to choose a profession that your good at and also something that doesn’t jeopardize your personal health. Jacksonville Jaguars WR Allen Hurns got the first part right. He is one of few bright spots on a shitty Jaguars team. He also just happens to be allergic to the field he plays on.

Luckily for Hurns, the allergy to grass doesn’t effect his breathing. It just messes with his skin and causes itchy hives and rashes. It might also be a good motivation to avoid getting tackled. The Jaguars don’t seem concerned. They just signed him to a $40 million dollar contract extension. Then again, the Jaguars aren’t exactly known for making great business decisions.


Pretend the ground is lava! Don’t touch it!

While I’m sure the allergy must annoy the hell out of Hurns, you would be stupid not to suck it up for $40 million. I know I would be willing to put myself through a lot more for that kind of money. Hell, if you told me I would need to play on a football field with landmines buried under it, I would still be tempted to sign that contract. (source)

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