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Great Sports Conspiracy Theories Part 1

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs recently gave his opinion during a ESPN interview on how he thinks the NFL commissioner was behind the Super Bowl blackout last year. It’s a stupid conspiracy but no matter how stupid a conspiracy might sound we all love hearing them. The sports world has quite a few. These are some of my favorite conspiracies of all time.

The Cal Ripken Jr Conspiracy

The claim: In 1997 The Baltimore Orioles created a lighting malfunction before a game to keep Cal Ripken Jr’s consecutive game streak alive because he was busy at home beating the shit out of actor Kevin Costner for sleeping with his wife.

The Story: The story goes something like this. Cal Ripken Jr is good friends with actor Kevin Costner. These two were always together around this time and probably riding unicorns and skipping through wheat fields together. One day Cal was driving himself to the ballpark for a game. Somewhere between the park and home he realized he forgot something and turned around. When he arrived home he discovered his wife in bed with the actor. Ripken then beat the hell out of him and couldn’t make it to the game. The owner then created a fake power outage to preserve his consecutive game streak.

Could it be true? Pffft no! While the lights did go out and the game was postponed, Ripken was seen in the dugout by fans and several news reporters.

The Michael Jordan Conspiracy

The Claim: Michael Jordan’s first retirement was a secret suspension.

The Story: The NBA launched an investigation to see if he Jordan was in violation of any league rules for gambling. Four months later in the prime of his career he retires and decides to play Baseball. The investigation was then dropped. The commissioner David Stern told Jordan to leave Basketball for a period of time and create a distraction (baseball) to save himself,  the leagues most marketable player.

Could it be true? Yes! it could be! Jordan would eventually return to the NBA and win another three titles but, ask yourself this. Why would a highly competitive player in the prime of his career retire from the NBA to play Baseball?

The Curt Schilling Bloody Sock Conspiracy

The Claim: Curt Schilling’s bloody sock was actually red paint.

The Story: During Game 2 of the 2004 World Series Schilling wanted to build up a potential legendary perfomance by showing everyone he is pitching with a surgically repaired foot. So he put red paint on his sock. Supposidely catcher Doug Mirabelli told a reporter that it wasn’t real blood.

Could it be true? I doubt it. While I think Curt Schilling is a deucebag, I don’t think he is so much of an attention seeking whore that he would do something like that. The performance would speak for itself without the blood on the sock in the first place. I have also personally seen this sock at the Baseball Hall of Fame and I can tell you it looks like dried blood to me but I’m sure some idiot who cares to much will say “they switched the socks!”

The Ali vs Liston Conspiracy

The Claim: Sonny Liston was in on a fix and threw one or both of his fights against Muhammad Ali.

The Story: In Feb 1964 at Miami Beach, Liston lost his title to Ali (who was then Cashes Clay) after refusing to come out of his corner for the seventh round. He claimed he injured his shoulder. Then during the rematch in May 1965, Liston went down in the first round and refused to get up. Some claim Liston took a dive in one of both fights to pay off mob debt or that he was threatened by Muslim extremists who supported Ali.

Could it be true? There might be a little bit of truth to this. This is what I think happen.  In the footage from the first fight you can tell Liston is really trying hard. If he isn’t then he deserves an academy award for best actor. Liston at the time was an intimidating champion and  It is well known he didn’t train very hard for this fight. His ego had taken over. As a result the younger and faster Ali beat the daylights out of him. While it is known that Liston had mob ties it doesn’t make sense for him to take a dive for money reasons. Liston would have been more valuable to the mob as a champ rather than an ex champ. The real reason Liston didn’t go back out because he knew it was over and he was going to lose. For the first time he knew he was beat and it shattered his ego. Now during the rematch I believe Liston had every intention of trying to beat Ali. However, have you ever been afraid to do something and you keep tricking yourself into thinking “I can do this..I can do this” but then when it becomes time you realize “oh shit! I’m not ready! Fuuucck!” and you back down. That’s what I think happen. Liston went down in the first round and didn’t get back up. So while I think he did take a dive I don’t think it was for financial gain.

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