Un-Happy hour in Massachusetts and all it’s fun

Un-Happy hour in Massachusetts and all it’s fun


Happy hour is a term that makes a person who can’t wait to have another drink before their first is finish eyes light up. But where did happy hour first come from? From the Navy of course, and who drinks more than a Navy guy? In the 1920s, “Happy Hour” was slang for a scheduled entertainment period on board a ship. It was also a term referring to having a drink before dinner, also know as a cocktail hour. It wasn’t unit the 1960’s where the term made it into regular civilians lives.

2 for 1 drinks, discounted booze and endless drafts are all specials that are valid between a certain hour of the day during the week. But is this really responsible? Is it a good idea to give two people a drink at once? I don’t think it is, some people can barely handle one drink. As for the discounted part, I see as a good way to keep a few bucks in my pocket, but I’m not a an alcoholic. An alcoholic sees happy hour and decides they are going to see how many drinks they can consume in that small period of time.

Now there are some restrictions on happy hours. In 1984, Massachusetts became one of the first states to put an end to happy hours. No two drinks at once, no discounted alcohol and no drinks specials. Now growing up in Boston, I became very aware of the tricks around this. Some places “run out” of the 2 dollar bud light drafts, BUT have plenty of 5 dollar bottles. Other places just remove the signage from the table, but still have to honor the discounted prices. All tricks of the trade I guess.

I’m like the next guy, I will go to a place that has cheaper beer. Not because I want to drink more for my buck, but just so I don’t have to pay out of my ass for a bottle of beer. There are some places in Boston where 1 bottle of bud light cost more than a 12 pack. That is outrageous. If there is going to be restrictions on how low you can charge or how many you can serve, there should be a restriction on how much you can charge for a beer.

With casino’s coming to MA in the near future, the big questions is what will happen to free drinks and happy hours that most casinos offer. Will happy hour be coming back to the bay state? Kansas lifted a 26 year ban of happy hour this year and in 2011 PA extended their happy hour from 2 to 4 hours so if could happen, but i doubt it. MA known as tax-a-chussetts, the unfun state and Americans corruption capital will still act like MA and have to be different then everyone else. Will that stop people from gambling? Probably not. their last call will still be 90 mins longer than Connecticut.

So as a member of the corrupt society that is Massachusetts do I want to see happy hour come back? I don’t think so. I really don’t think the morons in this state could handle that responsibility, specially during st. pats day, marathon monday, fourth of july and the night before thanksgiving. Also not having happy hour, being able to buy beer in a gas station or smoking in a bar makes going to places like Florida feel like you are traveling into another county, and that sir is an adventure and a half!

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