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Movie Review: X-Men: Apocalypse

These comic book movies are starting to feel like homework to me.

I don’t know how many X-men movies I’ve seen. I saw maybe a couple of the originals and maybe a couple of the most recent ones? I know I liked one of the recent ones. Not sure if I saw the one that happened just before this one or whatever. Doesn’t matter, I’m sure it will all work out in the end.

So many fucking trailers. I strolled in a couple minutes late and still they were plying trailers forever. I know it’s dependent upon the theater but usually Regal isn’t this bad.

Monday Memorial Day at 9:40. (Non 3D) place is packed. And someone brought a baby. The baby was crying for a bit then shut up.

Most of my notes on this movie are about how pissed I am that there is a baby here.

Later, into the movie the baby was crying a whole lot. A couple people were shushing. People in the theater started talking to each other about how the baby wouldn’t shut up causing more talking and more shushing. Finally, being the hero that I am, I shouted “Can you please take the baby somewhere else.”

It’s important to remember that babies are people too. This person was ruining my movie going experience By making a lot of noise. It is not the baby’s fault. The baby isn’t good at controlling what is going on. The babies parents should be ashamed of themselves.

The music in this movie is cheesy. Very cheesy to start, got less bad later.

What are the rules? You can just like do whatever? There’s magic metal that defys gravity when the sun hits it!?

So, if the bad guy wanted to destroy the earth why didn’t he just destroy the earth when he shot all the nukes into space? Too easy?

That scene with the fast guy would have been pretty cool in 3D. It was pretty cool scene regardless.

That video game girl is badass. (Olivia Munn) She’s running around all kicking ass and looking fine while doing so. I just used fine like that. Jesus Steven.

What is Jean Grey’s superpower? God?

Billions of people died. Magneto destroyed the world. I know maybe he stopped before all of the worlds people were murdered but a large amount of people were murdered. I’m just glad everything worked out alright.

TLDR: 2/5. I don’t know, not great. What if they made better movies? If this is your shit you’ll think its fine.

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