Cleveland Sucks – Lets go Golden State


Its not Cleveland I hate, its Lebron so lets put that out there right now. I actually feel for the city of Cleveland. They have came close so many times to win a championship and fall short. Hell I watch a 30 in 30 last night on Cleveland and felt for them. The reason I don’t want to see the Cavs win is mainly Lebron James. He is an arrogant ignorant athlete who thinks he is the greatest and has only won 2 championships (not in Cleveland mind you). The full of shit “I love Cleveland” ass LEFT YOU GUYS to go to a BETTER team and won. How does that make you feel? Its not like when the Bruins lost Bourque. The Bruins sent him away so he could at least win 1. Lebron made a stupid press conference and told the world Fuck Cleveland you guys suck, I’m going to Miami. You guys hated him HATED HIM!! You burnt posters and jersey, but then you welcome him back?! Cleveland you are like a dude who’s girlfriend makes him fee like shit and beats him, but then she says one nice thing and you take her back. Cleveland, you do realize if you don’t win this year he is leaving you again right? That’s right Kevin Love, you could of been a Celtic great instead you looked for the quickie and might be left in the snow all alone in cold Cleveland. With that said go Curry and Golden State.

In case you forgot how bad Cleveland sucks, here is a video:

How about this one?



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