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Movie Review: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

I don’t think I ever saw the first one. I do like to laugh and I especially enjoy Seth Rogen laughing. We’ll see if this dumb comedy is worth my time.

This movie has lots of jokes but lots of jokes that miss the mark. I laughed a bit but there were a pile of bad jokes and not funny jokes.

This movie feels like they wrote a lot but then also let people riff a lot but a lot but then a lot of great stuff probably also hit the editing room floor. It felt overly edited. So many unnecessary cuts even in the middle of dialogue, probably to give it a quicker feel but it didn’t work. It seemed like they had some ideas for big set pieces and hoped it would work out

So, when all this bullshit is happening why don’t they call the cops? Because it would end the movie? They went to the dean of the college no problem but the police is out of the question?

A few quick scenes with Johnny Pemberton, who if you don’t know is a very weird entertaining gentleman. It was fun to see him in a movie.

I also love seeing Hannibal Burress. He’s popping up a lot in movies for a scene or two and makes me laugh.

2/5. They tried. Not super funny but fairly entertaining. You won’t be blown away but if you’re drunk and its on netflix sure why not.

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