JBJ Stopped at 28 – All good things come to an end

All good things must come in an end, specially in Boston. With a horrific outing from Clay Buchholz to kick off the night, there is no surprise the the Red Sox motivation to win was at a season low. JBJ or as I like to call the next KGJ (Ken Griffey Jr), was going for game number 29 with a hit and came up short last night during a 8-2 loss at Fenway vs the Colorado Rockies. Bradley went 0-4 on his 29 game campaign. Jackie Bradley’s 28 game hitting streak was the longest in the majors this year and showcased how great of a player he is. We all know him for his incredible defense on the field, but the last 28 games really showed how much of a double threat this guy is. He is young, fast and has a lot of heart and along with Betts and Bogaerts, and are the youth and future of a Boston Red Sox team that can win MANY divisions, League and possible World Championships. Let me go on record to say I never wanted this guy to be traded. I think even when he can barely break 200, he is an asset for the team. His a home-bred Red Sox farm league profit, and will spend many years covering that 420 foot piece of heaven in downtown Boston. Congrats Jackie to your 28 game hitting streak.

5/26/16 @ Fenway vs The Rockies

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