Can we lose Buchholz?

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say, “hey, can Buchholz get one of his mid season injuries and be put to bed for a while”. The numbers prove it that he is killing this team. The Sox are constantly playing from behind everytime this guy takes the mound. It’s like watching a root canal go bad.

On paper, Clay is the teams number 2 guy, but latly I wouldn’t trust this guy in the bullpen or batting practice with my 85 year old grandmother. He has an overwhelming ERA of 6.35. As my mom would say “yikes!” Everytime I see him pitching, the Sox are down or there are men on bases with no outs and I’m yelling at a tv screen like I forgot to take my meds. Also, what is the deal with his new haircut anyways? He looks he joined an 80’s new wave band.

The Red Sox start the day with the best record in the American League at 29-18 and 2 games up on the Baltimore Orioles on the division. With Buchholz’s whopping 2-5 record, it’s plain to see he has nothing to do with this.

Either trade him or cut him, but as a die hard sox fan, I’m not gonna sit here and watch him kill the Sox with his subpar Busch league pitching. Do something Sox! Don’t be that guy.

5/26/16 vs Rockies @ Fenway Park

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