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Movie Review: Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

Senior discount. 2pm Saturday. Old people everywhere. Commercial for senior living center before the movie. Awesome.

This movie has 9% on RT.

Papa: A True Story was the original title. They had to add the name Hemingway to try to get people to give a shit?

I don’t like Hemingway. I’ve read a couple of his books and I didn’t really enjoy them. I do enjoy a good movie about a writer who is all about the craft of writing. Dudes who write hard and drink hard I dig. Bukowski and Thompson are good examples.

Ok, sure. He wrote the famous six word short story “Baby shoes” in a bar because Giovanni Tunisia character picked the number six and he wrote it on a napkin for him!?

A couple fucks and some needless nudity while swimming for the R. You know, so adults know this movie is for them.

I can tell by the music and the expression on their faces this is an uncomfortable lunch scene but I’m not sure why. Then later she says “I don’t want to be a butch but I can’t seem to stop myself.”

If they wrote this story better it could have been better. He ran guns? That was just an after thought? That could have been the story. That might have been a cool movie instead of watching this newspaper reporter watch him be him.

Other random thoughts:

-Ray bans everywhere. The main reason I want to make a movie is for all the free sunglasses.

-A scene where Hemingway teaches barefoot Cuban children how to play baseball while music plays (for no apparent reason).


-Filmed on location in Cuba at the Hemingway house which is a museum.

-The continuity on the beach scene was terrible.

-I shook my head like 5 times over the course of this movie.

-The Marlin jumping out of the water was very poorly animated. Why did you bother adding that? Why not just leave it out?

-Bad sound proofing in the theater, I heard the climax of Sing Street playing through the wall next door. (Bonus. I saw a mouse run across the center aisle)

-Pix of real people at the end for a bonus half star.

A better version of this movie is Rum Diary (which wasn’t that great of a movie but was a good book). Hunter S Thompson. For a way better version of this movie check out End of the Tour about David Foster Wallace. I don’t know anything about him but it made me want to read him.

TLDR: 1.5/5. Terrible meandering movie. I didn’t care about any of the charters and the nonexistent plot was slow as the molasses Cubans use to make rum.

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