Baseball doesn’t need this. 

So by now everyone has seen  The Punch. Yes obviously I’m referring to the Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista incident. It was just a punch people. Act like you have seen a man get hit before. It’s only shocking because it happened in baseball. A sport where (minus Carlton Fisk or Nolan Ryan) players rarley look like hockey goons laying out on ice justice, but more like The Brady Bunch kids slap fighting on the AstroTurf covered back yard. Only thing funnier than a baseball brawl is a basketball brawl. The memes that I have seen have been ridiculous. 

Now yes it was a nice right hook, but come on people. The punch wasn’t nothing spectacular. Yes his helmet and glasses went flying but anyone not expecting a punch will lose there helmet and anything else when hit by an unexpected punch. If you can tell I’m trying hard to not call it a sucker punch. He may off caught him good but he hardly did any damage. He didn’t knock him down like the first meme suggests and he certainly didn’t kill him like the last suggests. Again he caught him by surprise. Bautista even stated “I guess it takes a bigger man to knock me down”.  The punch was uncalled for. Ok Bautista sorta did a take out slide but in no way was it even remotely worth a punch. A bat flip. A little bat flip in the ALDS. You lost, get over it. If Texas won none of this would of even happened. Texas is like that girlfriend that can’t let go that one time you did that one thing that didn’t have any affect on anything but it’s just a good reason to be a nag.

Let’s talk about the bat flip. Bautista hit the ball deep into Canada that night. Still not further than Manny Rameriez’ home run that currently holds the record for longest in the Rogers Centre but I digress. The bat flip was well deserved and I’d like to see more show boating when a player spanks a ball a mile or hits a clutch home run. Why not? When pitchers get a huge inning ending strike out they can pump their fists, pound their chests, stare down the batter, or point to the heavens? Why can a pitcher show up a batter but not the other way around? Is it just because the pitcher holds the ball and can legally throw it at you and say” whoops that one got away from me”? I know you say it’s an “unwritten rule” but that’s just what a cry baby refers to when they want to cry about something stupid. So in all the punch was uncalled, for the bat flip rules, and Odor is nothing more than a punk who cant let shit go. 

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