American Airlines, You stink


Some companies these days don’t really care about keeping costumers. After the merger a few years ago with US Airways, American became the largest airline company in the world, and you can tell. I have flown close to a half million miles in my days and used a variety of airlines. Recently I have been flying American a lot and was bamboozled into getting one of those American cards where they will give you like 60,000 miles just for spending, easy.

So a half a year goes by and i decide to use my miles to fly last minute down to DC for a surprise visit to the misses and those evil people at AA wanted to charge me $75 in addition to the tax. Now i understand the tax part, I live in the United States of Taxes, a country which was founded on the idea that we didn’t want to pay tax, but that is for another day. I was wondering why I would have to pay $75 extra dollars to use my miles? South West and Jet Blue don’t make you have to pay any extra, but AA does?

So I called and they said it was because I was booking within 21 days? I said “excuse me, are you kidding me right now?” These are miles that I earned myself and should use them anytime I want. They said other wise. Well AA you lost a costumer, not that you care, but I, the Packie Pres, rather fly in a Greyhound Bus with wings then AA. Thank you (mic dropped)

I even found this facebook page full of people who hate AA like me, check it out and like American Airlines Sucks – Facebook

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