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Movie Review: Captain America

As I’ve discussed I’m not a huge fan of comic movies and after a bad experience getting into the theater I may have not given this movie the chance it deserves.

I got to the theater 10 minutes after the stated start time. (I drove a half hour across the city to see it in IMAX with comfy seats.)

When I walked in the theater I was having issues with the movie pass app. I called customer service and they manually checked me in but they didn’t do it right, I had to pay the difference out of pocket (and they will apparently reimburse me). While this problem was going on, the kiosk I was trying to get my ticket from locked me out and wouldn’t allow me to purchase a ticket because the movie already started. (Normally when all goes according to plan I can just show my phone which has an e-ticket in AMC theaters in the app but with this problem blah blah blah.) I had to go down two floors to buy a ticket from a person and go back up 3 floors and I wasn’t in my seat until 12:27 missing the first few scenes in the movie.

I feel like I wasted my fucking day. It’s beautiful outside it’s 70 something degrees I just sent side for three hours for your stupid goddamn movie and now that it’s out I’m sitting on traffic on 93 south and I want to jump out of my car.

Despite my anger with Movie Pass I still love it. The price of this movie was almost $20 (because it was IMax 3d) and I only spend $40/ month on Movie Pass. If you see 3 or more movies per month you should consider it. I’ve seen almost 50 movies this year and this was the first real problem I’ve had.

I didn’t like this movie. I know I’m wrong. Tell me how I’m wrong.

So I missed the first few minutes. Also maybe I didn’t see all of the movies (or maybe I have but I just don’t remember because my memory is bad especially for stuff I don’t really care about. I saw maybe 2 iron mans and probably both avengers and probably both captain America’s and maybe a Thor?

Some of these fights are too fast cuts and making me bases is moving all around

Early on the audience is rooting for the idea that some deaths are acceptable. They are fighting the real bad guys and there is some level of acceptance loss.

“What has to be done has to stave of something worse.”

“When you can do the things that I do but you don’t the bad things that happen, happen because of you.”

This movie is convincing you it’s okay for the good guys to kill innocent people as long as they are doing it for good reasons. (Like how our government uses drones to kill terrorists and oftentimes the missiles kill people who aren’t terrorists who are near the terrorists, right?)

Spider-Man was like able. I didn’t care about anyone else. I was supposed to get my character development from those movies probably. This is why I stopped watching Mad Men. No, I’m not comparing this to Mad Men, I’m just saying, there was a lat of subtle shit going on on that show so I decided I would wait until it was over so that I could watch it all in one go because I forgot what happened from season to season. (Cool that I liked spider man because at the end of the credits it says “Spider man will return” so I’ll actually look forward to that movie. (I enjoyed spider man cartoons as a kid. Never saw the movies. Long story. I’ll share it if I ever review the new spider man movie.))

The friends are trying to kill each other! But they were friends. Maybe they should just talk it out! Oh that’s what this movie is about. People kill people because people have killed people and the cycle goes on forever. Please stop fighting already and fight some other people so we can roll credits already please?

The main theme of this movie was batman v superman but told better.

Oh good they found the evidences of who is right and why they were fighting right after the fight ended.

Other thoughts:

-Why did that guy take a mask off his mask?

-Plain baseball hats are still in style.

Who is this cat woman man?

-If that can can run as fast as cars why does he need to steal that motorcycle

-How come when you’re bigger you’re slower? Does that mean when he’s smaller he should be faster? He’s not and that was actually played for a laugh once.

-Marvel really has tricked people into watching the credits. Good on ya.

TLDR: 2/5. Didn’t enjoy. Have fun everyone else.

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