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Movie Review: Money Monster

I was very sick of seeing this trailer and I didn’t think this one was going to be very good.

I try to avoid trailers, I will ocassionally attempt to avoid looking at the screen during trailers (or even show up after the trailers have started). Some of the trailers for movies coming up have got me excited for some movies. Many of them are coming out after the summer, but that’s okay. There is hope.

Cloondog, a money tv show host, gets held hostage because a working joe looses his money in the stock market.

This movie had a great tension build.

They explored the fact that everyone blaming glitches for everything is in fact bullshit.

I didn’t think the way the producer really started digging into this company as a result of being held hostage was feasible.

Some of the shots of people about to buy stocks on their phone was kind of silly.

This movie had a few laughs.

This was pretty exciting and I really enjoyed where this movie took us. Overall, well directed. Cool exploration of corporate greed. Thrilling thriller.

TLDR: 4/5. Enjoyable well directed thriller. I was on the edge of my seat.

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1 Comment on Movie Review: Money Monster

  1. just seen this a couple of hours ago and I agree, I thought it was a very well done movie. I enjoyed it.

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