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Tom Brady’s stupid $200 cookbook.

Tom Brady is 38 years old. Typically, the only people who can still perform at a high level in the NFL at  38 are kickers. When the next NFL season starts, quarterback Tom Brady will be 39 year and he has shown little evidence of decline. Some have pointed towards his diet as the reason for obtaining such longevity in the NFL. If you are dumb enough to shell out $200 dollars & believe that, you can read all about it in his new cookbook (source)

Whats so damn special about this awesome book? It seems like just another celebrity cookbook to me. “The cover will be made of natural maple and laser-etched with the “TB12” logo.” Oh, a cover made of natural maple, wtf!? Who cares! Is that why I need to pay $200 fucking dollars!?  I thought this was about being healthy. Shouldn’t this information be made affordable? This book should be called “dieting for millionaires.”


Please, just stick to throwing touchdowns

This pisses me off. Every couple of years a new diet trend catches on. Everyone wants to know the secret to a healthier lifestyle. This is just a gimmick to sell a book or program. The $200 dollar price tag for this cookbook is proof of that. While the recipes are no doubt healthy, you could probably find something similar online. You could also try common sense. You know what is and isn’t healthy. You also know the benefits of working out. Save yourself some money.

Tom Brady’s longevity can be contributed to several factors. While diet and fitness are important, their is also a little bit of luck involved.

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