KFC makes flavored nail polish?

Sometimes when a company agrees to create a promotional item, I wonder what drugs they were taking when it was given the green light. So, when KFC announced it was rolling out flavored nail polish, I assumed the advertising team must have been chasing the white rabbit.

In an attempt to boost sales in the Asian markets, KFC released edible fingernail polish in Hong Kong. The taste combines the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices into two shades! (source)

Yes, its “finger licking good” I get it. Is this really necessary though? Sounds nasty to me. I know they are into some weird shit in Asia, but did KFC really create focus groups that liked this?


Umm, why are you looking at me like that? Do you plan on eating me!?

Also, I think if I was in a public place and noticed someone holding their hand up to lick their nails in my general direction, I might think they are actually looking at me with cannibalistic intentions.



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