Farting & sniffing farts can help you live longer.

I suppose I should be thanking my best friend for all the times he would cut one loose in my apartment & I had to suffer through it. It turns out, the smell of farts can help prevent diseases.

Your body produces and passes hydrogen sulfide. According to a study in England, smelling that horrible stench can help fight diabetes & heart disease. Also, simply farting reduces the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. (source)


Follow your nose!

Mind blowing right? Who would have thought inhaling someone’s ass particles would actually benefit you. I don’t exactly plan on following my nose to the source like Toucan Sam, but next time I accidently let one slip for people to hear, I won’t apologize or feel embarrassed. Instead, I’m going to say, “I’m helping you all fight diseases damnt!!”

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