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Movie Review: Hardcore Henry

This one was different.

I was listening to a podcast where someone described this movie as “fantastic.” I really enjoyed the choice of words and it made me think about it.

Fantastic can mean two things. 1 good. 2 out of this world. This movie is out of this world. There are things that happen that are fantastical. This choice of words was good for the gentleman talking because it made it sound like he actually liked the movie when he was just describing the movie.

This was a fun dumb action movie. It’s not good, but it’s fun. If you enjoyed Crank you’ll like this one. Crank was better but it’s in that vein.

Why the hell did they give the main bad guy telekinesis powers? That was unnecessary and made the movie less believable. There are other things in this movie that could make it hard to believe, sure. I guess being true to real life is a stupid thing for me to pay attention to when watching a movie like this. Oh well.

I was surprised to learn this was going to be released as wide as it was. This was sort of a smallish Russian movie that they wanted to hit big. They had high hopes for this one. A quick look at Box Office Mojo shows their faith was misplaced. This movie had the second largest theater count drop on week three (of big movies since 1982). You might not be able to find this one in theaters.

TLDR 3.5/5. This movie is fantastic. It’s not great but it’s fun dumb action.

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