“5 annoying things about Boston” from a Bostonian’s perspective Vol. 1


As a born and raised Bostonian, growing up the last 30 somewhat years in this city I have grown to love many things. On the contrary, there are several things that I have grown to hate and here is my list. Part 1 guy, cause you know more of these will be made and all these people who moved to Boston for work or school will get butt hurt over this. Yea I’m talking to you people who moved to Cambridge. Ask me if I care? I don’t so go play with yourself wearing a Harvard sweatshirt that you bought when you were here on vacation in 1992 with your parents from PA and you said to them “some day I will live in Boston“.

  1. People who wear their Boston Marathon Jackets from past marathons

As a person who regularly goes to the 11AM Sox game on Marathon Monday (AKA Patriots Day), I enjoy watching the people running by, stories and milestones being made in peoples lives and families and friends yelling at the sidelines. BUT when your sporting a marathon jacket from 6 years ago acting like you’re running the race, go screw. I’m sick of you and your boring sport of running. Take a hike use to be marathon runner. And you are only allowed to wear that jacket 5 days before and after as well. Yea those are my rules, coming from a gabroni from Revere who never ran more than 2 miles at one time my entire life.

  1. The T

Ok its nice that we have the oldest subway system in the country, but maybe an update or two? How are you always bankrupt? I don’t understand! The price goes up every year and the thing still sucks a dick. You always say “we will be building new stations” and then say “we ran out of money”. Stop paying people 6 figures for doing nothing and go throw yourself in front of the Red line and not the green line because that wont kill it, IT CAN’T EVEN RUN IN THE SNOW!

  1. Stupid children who’s parents buy their college student apartments in Boston

Stupid children who’s parents but their college student apartments in Boston in neighborhoods, I.E. Southie or JP, then these suburban fucks think there badass because they live there and don’t show any respect to the natives of that area. First of all if you’re from Newton or Des Moines IA, you don’t know the first think about living in Dorchester. Then you are going to start acting like your better than everyone else? That’s how you end up robbed and made a lampshade. Go pull that shit at Morison’s in Linden Square and Malden and see how that works out you goofy bastards.

  1. Pink hats and people who think they know about Boston’s sports but don’t know shit

I’m sick of that crap. Go home please! All you are doing is driving ticket prices up for people who really want to go to the game an enjoy it. We don’t need you at all! I don’t give a crap that you just Tweeted a picture of you and your fake slutty friends (friends or people who flirt and act slutty but if you buy them a drink or look at them they about to call the police. Just ask uncle Eric) I wish Boston went back to the way it was in the 80’s. it was dirty, like Rihanna.

  1. People who say they are from Boston but grew up in Duxbury or the Cape.

Pay attention people, I am about to break down for you who can say they are from Boston or those who CAN’t say. Here is the list of people who CAN say

  1. If you grew up or lived in the city of Boston for more than 75% of your life
  2. If you live in a city that touches Boston I.E. Revere, Somerville and I’ll even give you Newton or Milton.
  3. If you live within the 128 Belt. If you city is on the far side of I95 or what we call 128, go screw. You are from Massachusetts not Boston you hipster fuck.

That concludes the first list. I can’t explain the anger lol but I hope you enjoyed

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