Limp Bizkit fans show up for fake concert.

Rumor spread throughout Facebook that the band Limp Bizkit would be holding a concert at a Sunoco gas station on April 20th. Despite the band refuting the claim and declaring it a hoax, some still showed up. (source)

I want you to all know, I really struggled with writing a headline for this story. In 2016, its really difficult for me to use the band name “Limp Bizkit” and the word “fans” in a single sentence. Apparently, a couple hundred of them still exist in Dayton Ohio though!  I’m impressed. If a couple hundred showed up, that’s 100 more than I would have guessed. Although, most of them might have just had nothing better to do. After all, it is Ohio.

I’m not sure I would have believed this was real even if the band didn’t refute it. First of all, I’m not sure if a gas station is up to code for handling concerts of any size. It would just get nasty from the lack of bathrooms. Second, I’m thinking gas pumps + people potentially bringing booze or narcotics = something hilariously bad happening!  I don’t care if they shut the pumps off. When you have these crazy synthetic drugs floating around now a days, anything is a possibility.

gas fight

Gas fight!

Well, if you were one of the few that was disappointed that the gas station show didn’t happen, no worries. I’m sure you can book them at your next party for a respectable fee.

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