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Movie Review: Midnight Special

Due to a lot of cars being on the road and in my way I missed the first minute or two of this movie. Since I loved it so much I might re-watch this one to see how it kicks off (and enjoy the rest of it as well).

With this movie I did a pretty good job trying to avoid what the deal was, and I found that made it more enjoyable for me. All I really knew was that it starred Michael Shannon and it had something to do with he was the father of a kid who had a super hero. (Although now I’m looking at the trailer and it doesn’t seem to give too much away and also makes me think it might be fun to watch it again.)

This was another one of those movies where you don’t know exactly what is going on and you learn about it along the way and you enjoy it. (Unless you see the trailer?)

I frigging loved this movie. I can see how this one is going to be polarizing. This is the sort of science fiction that I really enjoy. It is based in reality and there is one small thing that is a out of the ordinary. (If everything is weird sci-fi it’s too much for me)

Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton steal Shannon’s kid back and are on the run. We slowly learn that they used to be in a religious cult. Also the federal government is after this kid. This kid has got gifts. They’re on the run and they’re trying to go to a place for a reason. Will they get there? Will the cult catch the kid? Will the government get a hold of him?

This one has action and surprises and suspense and is wonderful.

At the climax you will either jump on board completely or you will say “mmm…no thanks” but you will be satisfied either way.

Midnight Special is in theaters now.

TLDR: 4.5/5. I loved this movie. I ate it up and wanted more.

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